Title Pop Help

Title Pop is 78 customizable Final Cut Pro X animated titles. Use the following guide to learn more about Title Pop. Common Controls The following are common parameter controls found in most Title Pop templates. Build In/Out Use this to turn animations on or off. Text Controls Use the text controls to change the color, […]

Shape Pop Help

Shape Pop is 30 customizable Final Cut Pro X transitions that breaks your video into different shapes to reveal the incoming clip. Use this guide to learn the ins and outs of Shape Pop. Common Controls Many Shape Pop templates share common controls that do the same thing. The following are the most common controls. […]

Block Pop Help

What is Block Pop? Block Pop is 23 customizable Final Cut Pro X transitions that break the first video into blocks and then transform into the second video. Custom and Presets Differences There are two types of transitions (Custom and Presets). Use Custom transitions to customize block direction, motion and timing. Use Presets for pre-animated […]

Slide Pop Help

What is Slide Pop? Slide Pop is a Final Cut Pro X effects and transitions pack inspired by the sweet vintage View-Masters of our childhood. Original and Modified Differences There are two types of effects and transitions (Original and Modified). They start the same but end differently. You’ll notice the Original ending looks exactly like […]