What is a Generator in Final Cut Pro

Generators are video and graphic elements built into Final Cut Pro.  Generators can be used full screen or scaled for frame sizes like standard definition up to 4K.  Our YouTube guy Reggie shows you 5 generators and how they are used in Final Cut Pro.  360°  360° generator is used in 360° projects to avoid […]

How to Resize Videos in Final Cut Pro

Resizing vertical videos to horizontal videos and vice-versa are needed to meet the requirements of social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other digital platforms. Original video footage needs resizing because often, what you have won’t do for the dimensions needed for your online posts and shares. Our YouTube guy, […]

How to Put Markers in Final Cut Pro

You want impressive and eye-catching Final Cut videos for your YouTube channel or any web-based platform of your choice. Accomplishing these means filming tons of footage that may or may not make it to your final cut. This also requires hours of work in post.  There’s a way to make your workflow short, efficient and […]