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All 100 Stupid Raisins plugins are at your fingertips in the Stupid Raisins app. After installing Stupid Raisins, you’ll have a cool demos to play with.

Then, after you fall head over heels for a title, effect or transition pack, you can unlock it by becoming a member or buying the full version. Just download and install the Stupid Raisins app and then restart Final Cut. Then, like magic you’ll have the power of Stupid Raisins at your fingertips.

All Stupid Raisins plugins are dead simple to use. First, drag and drop your template onto your timeline. Next, customize. All done! You can find plugins under your Titles, Effects or Transitions.

All 100 plugins have a free trial and you can try out all 4,866 easily customizable templates as well as the other features. The free demo does have a watermark but still allows you to experience the full effects free-of-charge.

And don’t worry! If you’re playing around with one of the titles, transitions or effects and you decide to buy later, Stupid Raisins will automatically remove all of those watermarks, which means you won’t lose any work!


• macOS 12.3 and Final Cut Pro 10.6 or later