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50 Final Cut Pro Simple Titles

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191 Split Screens for Final Cut Pro

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45 Description & Paragraph Titles for Final Cut Pro

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1,026 Final Cut Pro Whiteboard Drawings

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75 Final Cut Pro Motion Tracking Callouts

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60 Final Cut Pr0 Logo Animations

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Movie Pop

Copycat titles of blockbuster movies

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Tile Pop

Flipping Tile Final Cut Pro X Transition

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Data Pop Free

4 Free Final Cut Pro Infographic Titles

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Social Media Thirds

Final Cut Pro X Social Media Lower Third Titles

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YouTube Capture

YouTube Capture Final Cut Pro X Effect

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Why People LoveFinal Cut Pro Plugins

Skyrocket Production Value

Want AAA production value? It's yours. Supercharge your video editing with powerful Final Cut Pro plugins that can do just about everything besides giving you a back massage.

And forget one-trick ponies�my plugins are all loaded with a fleet of features and functions you can use to pump out projects that are sure to make Hollywood a little jealous.

Save Loads of Time

As much as you love pulling your hair out and spending days to figure out your video editing software, that's just not going to happen with Stupid Raisins. These plugins are as simple as can be, and lightning-fast installation with FxFactory gets you in the game now instead of later.

You'll also love their plug-and-playability, letting you plop each plugin right into your video timeline. In short, Stupid Raisins plugins do away with the learning curve and replace it with a smooth path to success.

Save Tons of Cash

Top-notch production shouldn't have to obliterate your credit limit. That's why loads of our plugins cost even less than a night at the movies.

Sure, you could hire somebody to make a few 'simple' tweaks and edits to your video. But be prepared to watch in awe as those 'tiny' little tweaks put a not-so-tiny dent in your wallet. After just one project, my plugins pay for themselves.

Professionally Developed

Gone are the days of low-quality Final Cut Pro plugins held together with tape and glue. These are the very same plugins I use for my own projects, made for professionals by a professional.

Stupid Raisins plugins are designed for anyone looking to harness the user-friendliness and power of a robust, blockbuster software developer without getting crushed by mammoth costs. That means videographers, journalists, editors, small businesses...just about anyone with a video project, large or small.

Super Simple Customization

My plugins won't back you into a corner with narrow functionality. Using customized templates, be amazed at how quickly you can edit all of your titles, transitions and special effects with your own personal style.

All of these plugins feature 100% integration with Final Cut Pro X, letting you keep all those awesome effects in reach as you focus on your project�and not worry about micromanaging your editing software.

Incredible Support

Premium customer support shouldn't come at a premium. I try to be as responsive and quick as my plugins, meaning you can usually expect a reply to your questions within an hour.

Let's get real�we've all experienced the cold molasses that is tech support. I've been there, you've been there. So stop sitting there and twiddling your thumbs waiting for that email, get the support you need, and get back to work on that awesome project of yours.

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Your Questions: Answered

Who are your plugins designed for?

Looking to save money, time, and your sanity on a video editing project without sacrificing quality? Are you a freelance videographer, small business owner, editor or journalist? Odds are, Stupid Raisins is for you.

Do your plugins take a long time to get up and running?

If by 'a long time' you mean one minute. After installing the Stupid Raisins app and using your plugin's extensive self-help page and video tutorials, you'll be making magic before you know it.

Will it bog down my system?

Not a chance. My plugins are faster than a Mako shark with a jetpack. They're also fully optimized to leave the teeniest, tiniest footprint using Final Cut Pro X's simple plugin structure. Oh, one more thing�each plugin renders in 5 seconds or less.

How many times can I use these plugins?

Unlimited use, from now until the end of time.

What sort of effects are your plugins capable of?

Become the Final Cut Pro Whisperer with a boatload of plugins designed to overcome some of the most common editing challenges, like:

  • Animated Symbols
  • Whiteboard Videos
  • Animated Logos
  • Video Infographics
  • Lower Thirds
  • Animated Text
  • Stylized Transitions

And of course, Stupid Raisins plugins are fully customizable to give your video projects a truly unique feel.

How expensive is it? Do you offer free trials? Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Paid plugins start at $49, and I also offer quite a few free ones! Each Stupid Raisin plugin also offers a full-featured trial, meaning you'll never have to take a risk when you buy.

Find out later you don't like my plugins? No worries�I have a money-back guarantee for the first 30 days after your purchase.

How can I reload the effects I purchased previously?

To re-download your products just log into FxFactory with the same username and password you used to buy the plugins.

Who the heck makes these plugins?

I'm Dylan Higginbotham, and I'm the guy behind Stupid Raisins. I get a real kick out of creating videos and making FCPX plugins. I'm a dad of five, I laugh way too easily, and I'm all about that basketball life (this year I touched the net for the first time).

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