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Symbol Pop is 192 animated and customizable Final Cut Pro X symbols. Use the following guide to learn more about Symbol Pop.

How to Customize

Symbol Pop Controls

Symbol Pop Controls

Build in and Build Out

Each symbol animates on and off of the screen. Un-check the Build In or Build Out boxes to turn off the animations.


Use this to select which symbol you want to display.


Use this slider to change the symbol’s size.


Use this slider to rotate the symbol up to 360 degrees.

Color 1 and Color 2

Most symbols are made up of 2 colors. Use these color pickers to change the symbol’s color. Some symbols only have one color and use only Color 1.


Use this slider to change the transparency of the symbol.

Drop Shadow Color

Use this color picker to change the drop shadow color.

Drop Shadow Opacity

Use this slider to change the drop shadow opacity.

Drop Shadow Blur

Use this slider to blur or sharpen the drop shadow.

Drop Shadow Distance

Use this slider to change the drop shadow distance.

Drop Shadow Angle

Use this slider to change the drop shadow angle.

Edit Text Boxes

In the Business template you’ll see two text checkboxes. When checked, you’ll be able to edit the text for the Money and Sale Tag symbols. Use the Text tab in the inspector to make changes to the text. To change the text position, hover over the text then click and drag the white box.

Symbol Pop Text Boxes

Symbol Pop Text Boxes


Parameters are grouped together and divided into sections by dashed divider lines and pop-up menus.

Divider Lines

Divider Lines

Some dividers have a light bulb next to the section name. The light bulb means that there are some ideas, tips and tricks in the pop-up menu. Just click on the pop-up menu and you’ll see the ideas. Selecting an idea won’t change the template.

Light Bulb

Light Bulb


You can move the drawing with the circular on screen control.

Symbol Pop On Screen Control

Symbol Pop On Screen Control

12 comments on “Symbol Pop Help
  1. Hesham says:


    I bought Story PoP and I am happy with it. My question about symbol pop is can you apply these animation to my own symbol please let me know.


  2. Hi,

    I have symbol pop but I rarely use it for a few reasons:
    1. when I change the duration of the symbol the animation/movement slows down or speeds up.
    2. it is FCPX only… I would love to use it in some Motion 5 templates, it is a bummer I can’t do this.

    I would love to see control over the duration of the animations and ability to loop an animation or not. Example the twitter icon. The bird keeps flapping. Would be nice if those kinds of icons would be able to be on screen all the time and having the bird flap its wings once in a while (to drag attention but not all the time).

    I would also love to import a title into Motion 5 and edit the template and create custom ones.

    Nice set of symbols but for my use it is a little too basic.

    • Thanks for writing Andre.

      I wrestled with animation duration for a long time while making Symbol Pop. Because the symbols animate on and off the middle animation slows down or speeds when clip duration is changed.

      If I removed the on and off animations, then I could create a template that loops the animation instead of stretching or compressing it.

      As you can see, there are pros and cons to each method.

  3. stuart says:


    I have a an issue with symbol pop where a few elements are showing up fuzzy, two symbols in the math icon and the center dot of the atomic symbol. Any idea what might be causing this?


  4. stuart says:


    I’ve uploaded a screen recording to youtube.

    any ideas?


    • That’s strange. What happens when you export it?

      • Stuart says:

        It carry’s over to the export, it’s odd because it just appeared after being fine throughout the whole edit. I tried it on another machine at had the same problem too.

        • It happens to me as well. I’ve fixed those symbols. Before I update it, are there any others you found? Thanks!

          • Stuart says:

            I haven’t noticed any i’ll keep an eye out if i use it again. I managed to solve the problem by copying the layer and masking out the symbols that we’re in still in focus. Any idea what caused it?

        • I don’t know what caused it but I did fix it and update Symbol Pop. If you log into FxFactory you should see it update.

          Let me know if you need more help.

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