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Hi! This is Dylan from Stupid Raisins. In this video I will show you how to export a clip from Final Cut Pro. Now, exporting is an important process when it comes to editing videos because it allows you to share your work with others or use it in other projects. But where do you start? What are the settings you need to use? How long will it take? Don’t worry, I’m here to help. In this video, I’m going to walk you through the entire exporting process so that your clips look great no matter where they’re played or used.

In Final Cut Pro, go to your Browser and select the clip you want to export. Then click on the share button and select your destination. You can also press Command + E to export your clip with your default share destination or go to File, Share and then select your destination.

You can export multiple clips by pressing and holding Command while clicking on the clips you want to export. Then click on the share button and select an export option or press Command + E or go to File, Share and select an option.

If you want to export all your clips press Command + A to select all and then export with the Share button, command + E keyboard shortcut or File and Share.

Keep in mind when you export from the browser you’re exporting the original clip. It won’t export any changes, effects or titles you added to the clip in your timeline.

To export a clip and any changes you made to it, select any titles or clips you want exported and turn them into a compound clip by pressing Alt + G and name it.

In your browser, click on Smart Collections and double click on All Video. Deselect the media types and add a Used Media filter. Then add a Type filter and change the Type to Compound. 

Now you have quick access to those clips in your browser. Select the clips you want to export and export with the share button.

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Unfortunately you can’t directly select and export a clip from the timeline. When you try to do that, Final Cut Pro wants to export the entire timeline. However, there is a work around with the Range Selection tool.

Pick the Range Selection tool from the Tool pop-up or even faster, press R. You can use the Range tool to select a clip, a part of the clip, multiple clips or parts of multiple clips. Once you select your clip you want to export, click on the Share button and select your export destination. Scan this preview and you can see Final Cut is only exporting what you selected. It will export any effects or changes you made to the selected clips AND anything above or below the selection like titles, clips, audio and images.

You can export just the audio of your clip or project as well.

To export just the audio of your entire project, make sure nothing is selected in your timeline and press Command + E and go to Settings and change Format to audio only. Select your audio format, click Next to export.

To export a specific part of your audio press R and select the area you want to export and press Command + E. Like before, go to Settings and change Format to audio only. Select your audio format and click Next to save.

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