25 Tools Every Beauty YouTuber Must Have

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I’m no expert on makeup and skincare so when I thought of making Beauty Pop, I went to the authority on everything beautiful; my very cute wife, Leah and the women on my team. They were my focus group. I decided the best way to get this game-changing plugin off to a great start was to chill out and let them school me on what makes YouTube makeup and skincare tutorials extremely popular. Then, we worked on creating the perfect plugin complement.

I can proudly say that what you see in Beauty Pop is special and transforms YouTube makeup and skincare video tutorials from basic to stunning. All the fancy touches that Beauty Pop offers in 25 Final Cut Pro beauty-themed titles, effects, transitions, callouts and tools are the result of me paring back my role and letting my focus group “focus” on what works and what doesn’t. After 500 hours and months of work poured into it, I daresay Beauty Pop is just A-W-E-S-O-M-E, and here are the reasons why.

With Beauty Pop as your go-to plugin, every video you put out competes with the best of the best. Think, “thrive” in the beauty community. You’ll perfectly highlight every stroke, brush, wingtip and hide editing imperfections with Beauty Pop’s complete vanity kit for all your videos.

Beauty Pop helps you build a vivid world of beauty tutorials that are compelling to your audience with tools that serve up glam faces, amazing before-and-after transformations, and bring into sharp focus all your best angles.   

You can use Beauty Pop for sharing tons of information in a whole new fabulous light. Anything you can imagine, you can create in minutes! 

Beauty Pop is so versatile you’ll use it for your videos showing how you get ready for special occasions, day-to-night activities, daily routines, makeup looks, Get Ready With Me’s, Q&As, chit-chats and even preparing for your beauty sleep. 

With Beauty Pop as your main collab for makeup tutorial videos, your beauty-related content has the potential to stand out, compete with top YouTubers and give you your own distinct brand of makeup tutorial presentations.

Like all Stupid Raisins plugins, each Beauty Pop template is hand-crafted, animated and hand-tested by my team of graphic designers, animators and editors. All Beauty Pop templates are fully customizable, designed to fit 4K UHD, HD, square and vertical videos and automatically adjust to fit regular, square, and vertical videos.

It’s probably been a while since you stumbled upon a plugin that’s as beautiful as Beauty Pop, so how about decluttering your editing vanity kit and leaving a huge space for it. I’d love you to use it and see how it works for you. Test everything before you buy in this free trial. You’ll find it’s the only editing tool you’ll need for all your YouTube makeup and skincare tutorial videos.

Happy editing!


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