57 More Reasons to Smile with Emoji Pop for Final Cut Pro

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Want to add fun, animated emoticons to your video project? Does that also sound like a lot of work? If you answered yes to both questions, then I’ve got a final cut pro plugin for you!

Emoji Pop adds energy to your videos without actually using your own energy—adding animated emoticons really couldn’t be easier or more fun.

These smiley (and frowny) faces are perfect for adding a bit of humor and emotion to your projects. Just take a look at this video using Emoji Pop to give out fashion advice.

What is Emoji Pop?

With 57 unique emojis and 9 themes, Emoji Pop is your all-in-one toolkit for adding a face to any occasion. From advertisements to wedding videos, you’ve got a face for that.

All emojis are animated, polished, and look totally professional—not like something you’d see on a phone circa 2005.

Happy, sad, angry, awkward, sly, smitten…I’ve got you covered. Seriously, if you can feel it, there’s a face for it.

Plus, the plugin includes lower third, transition and title templates, easily allowing you to swap the emoji with the click of a mouse.

Take a look at how one couple used Emoji Pop to add more emotion and fun to their personal wedding video (at 8:35):

Why Emoji Pop?

Emoji Pop is perfect for people who:

  1. Don’t want to waste time learning how to build all these complex emojis in FCP or waste tons of money hiring a freelancer to do it
  2. Crave pro-quality work without the top-shelf price tag
  3. Desperately want to avoid the headache of complicated plugins and editing tools (head-banging-on-desk emoji is currently under development)

I know you’re experiencing a lot of emotions right now, and I just want you to know those feelings are natural. Everyone cries tears of joy when they first discover Emoji Pop—there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Installing and using Emoji Pop will bring a smile to your face

Emoji Pop is found on the awesome and free FxFactory engine, the home of all Stupid Raisins plugins for Final Cut Pro X. After downloading FxFactory, be sure to snag a copy of the free Emoji Pop demo!

After you’ve seen the demo and your eyes have turned into Cupid hearts, you can easily get the full version of Emoji Pop through FCP. Find Emoji Pop under your Titles with the category name “Stupid Raisins Emoji Pop.”

To get started, just drag and drop the title into your video timeline and get ready for magic to happen. From there, you’ll be able to quickly make adjustments and customizations in seconds. It’s really that easy, I promise!

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