Blockbuster Pop Help

Open your movies with Blockbuster Pop’s spine-tingling, epic, magical and action-packed titles! Blockbuster Pop is a set of 20 animated lookalike movie titles for Final Cut Pro from the golden age of cinema to today’s mega hits. With Blockbuster Pop, you’ll make high-budget titles with low-budget money. General Workflow Here’s your game plan for using […]

Hype Pop Help

Reach a whole nother level of excitement with Hype Pop; energetic, popping and jumping titles that rival the excitement of July 4th. Hype Pop is 25 high-energy, all-in-one titles with built in animated backgrounds providing the perfect “pump it” mood and high drama in your FCP videos. With Hype Pop, it’s easy to make “the […]

Geek Pop Help

Crush your tech review videos and leave your viewers shookt with Geek Pop! Geek Pop is a set of 25 tech review titles for Final Cut Pro to complement your tech presentation skills. You’ll make sophisticated tech videos with Geek Pop’s complete pack of titles, openers, callouts, lower thirds, endscreens and call-to-actions,  General Workflow Here’s […]

Social Pop Help

Social media influencers, cross-promote all your social media accounts with Social Pop! Social Pop is 25 call-to-action titles for Final Cut Pro perfect for getting your fans to follow you everywhere!  With Social Pop, you’ll make social media account callouts in Final Cut that match your platform and aesthetic; they’ll look like you made these […]

News Pop Help

Make your stories, interviews, hard news and soft news stand out in a crowd.  It’s all the good news, without the bad news in News Pop’s 25 professionally designed and animated news broadcast templates. General Workflow Here’s your game plan for using News Pop. Trust me, it’s really easy! Drag-and-drop your template onto your timeline. […]

Bullet Pop Help

Create short and to-the-point bulleted lists that people actually want to read with Bullet Pop’s 27 animated bullet points. With Bullet Pop, you’ll make the most impactful Final Cut bulleted lists in just 60 seconds! General Workflow Here’s your game plan for using Bullet Pop. Trust me, it’s really easy! Drag-and-drop. Customize. All done! How […]

Line Pop Help

Create enticing lines without hours of keyframing with Line Pop’s 25 animated lines.  With Line Pop, you’ll create versatile and flexible ways to measure, show or outline anything in your videos. General Workflow Here’s your game plan for using Line Pop. Trust me, it’s really easy! Choose your unique line style and drop it onto […]

Motion Pop Help

Add whimsical, customizable, unique, and fun Final Cut Pro motions with Motion Pop’s 90 presets.  With Motion Pop, you’ll create worlds of fun that’ll have you bobbing your head as you edit with sheer delight! Motion Pop’s animation action enriches your videos, has your audience following every move on the screen, and does the job […]

Travel Pop Help

Edit less, travel more! Take your audience on the trip of a lifetime with Travel Pop; a suitcase full of Final Cut Pro journey-themed titles, scenes, transitions, icons, overlays, and lower thirds. Travel Pop will do the heavy lifting for you with its 25 unique travel-inspired templates. Unpack this plugin and see how it instantly […]