Crypto Pop Help

Crypto Pop for Final Cut Pro is a pack of 20 cryptocurrency motion graphic openers, transitions, coins, backgrounds, symbols, titles, lower thirds and more. Talk confidently about cryptocurrencies, NFT and blockchain with useful and flexible tools that match crypto’s innovative world. General Workflow Here’s your game plan for using Crypto Pop. Trust me, it’s really […]

Tutorial Pop Help

Become the how-to Yoda with Tutorial Pop! Tutorial Pop is a pack of 22 Final Cut Pro templates made specifically for YouTube tutorial makers. With Tutorial Pop, you get the ultimate titles, effects, transitions and a robust pan-and-zoom tool perfect for moving your screen recordings. General Workflow Here’s your game plan for using Tutorial Pop. […]

Event Pop Help

Maximize the “pull” potential of your event videos with Event Pop! Event Pop is a pack of 21 all-in-one event templates for Final Cut Pro.  With Event Pop, you’ll quickly make professional event videos and social media posts that emphasize your event details, help sell tickets, leave a memorable impression and tempt people to attend.  […]

Form Pop Help

Form Pop for Final Cut Pro is a pack of 23 animated and editable mockups of browsers, search engines, social media sites, email and top websites for your videos.  Form Pop also comes with animated cursor templates that move, point and click! General Workflow Here’s your game plan for using Form Pop. Trust me, it’s […]

Track Pop Help

It’s a tracking powerhouse when Final Cut Pro’s motion-tracker meets Track Pop! Together, they’re the perfect tracking tool for anything in your videos. Track Pop is a pack of 20 motion-trackable templates that work with Final Cut Pro’s built-in tracker. Its high level of animation and modern and simple styles make tracking pure bliss and […]

Glitch Pop Help

Help yourself to unique futuristic glitches with Glitch Pop! Glitch Pop is 25 glitch titles for Final Cut Pro for glitching, distorting and warping your videos. It’s your all-in-one solution for unique titles like you’ve never seen before. Glitch Pop lets even the newest Final Cut Pro user create glitchy titles for instantly rousing glitch […]

Filmic Pop Help

Make film titles the way Hollywood makes ‘em with Filmic Pop! Filmic Pop is 20 cinematic film titles for Final Cut Pro that evoke the feeling and emotions of epic and cinematic films. Filmic Pop lets even the newest Final Cut Pro user create star-studded titles to match the vibe of their films.  General Workflow […]

Blockbuster Pop Help

Open your movies with Blockbuster Pop’s spine-tingling, epic, magical and action-packed titles! Blockbuster Pop is a set of 20 animated lookalike movie titles for Final Cut Pro from the golden age of cinema to today’s mega hits. With Blockbuster Pop, you’ll make high-budget titles with low-budget money. General Workflow Here’s your game plan for using […]

Hype Pop Help

Reach a whole nother level of excitement with Hype Pop; energetic, popping and jumping titles that rival the excitement of July 4th. Hype Pop is 25 high-energy, all-in-one titles with built in animated backgrounds providing the perfect “pump it” mood and high drama in your FCP videos. With Hype Pop, it’s easy to make “the […]

Geek Pop Help

Crush your tech review videos and leave your viewers shookt with Geek Pop! Geek Pop is a set of 25 tech review titles for Final Cut Pro to complement your tech presentation skills. You’ll make sophisticated tech videos with Geek Pop’s complete pack of titles, openers, callouts, lower thirds, endscreens and call-to-actions,  General Workflow Here’s […]