90 Whimsical And Unique Animated Presets To Move Your Videos

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New plugin is complete! 

It’s time for you to be part of something so dope, so moving that I’m just bouncing with excitement!

Meet Motion Pop. It’s 90 whimsical, customizable and unique Final Cut Pro motion presets to add crazy-fun action to your videos. 

If you already have a motion graphics plugin and it’s boring the heck out of you, it’s time to retire it and make the move to Motion Pop. 

It’s got in, out and through animations to add super quick motions, smooth looping animations and tons of personality to anything in your videos: images, clips, logos, and cartoons – all without keyframing! Every animation you see in Motion Pop makes any graphic move with its growing, bouncing, elastic, rolling, jumping, spinning, flipping, flying, floating styles, and more.

Motion Pop is absolutely perfect for beginners and advanced editors looking for extraordinary motion graphics to create logo animations, animate faces, cartoons, and characters, make shapes and objects move, build complicated graphics, quick transitions and apply movement to products that would otherwise be static and boring.

Motion Pop’s motion presets are designed to appeal to a wide range of viewers, businesses, and topics. Yes, even formal and mature topics are easier to understand and enjoyed more when you introduce Motion Pop into the mix.

My team and I spent over 500 hours perfecting each movement and making each one as fun as possible. The result? Editing with Motion Pop becomes a delightful, head-bobbing experience for you. 

Like all Stupid Raisins plugins, each Motion Pop template is hand-crafted, animated, and hand-tested by my team of graphic designers, animators, and editors. All Motion Pop presets are fully customizable, designed to fit 4K UHD, HD, square and vertical videos and automatically adjust to fit regular, square, and vertical videos.

Make your move on Motion Pop and see how it works for you. Test everything before you buy in this free trial. You’ll find it’s the only editing tool you’ll need for all the moving action in your videos.

Happy editing!


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