Chorus Pop For Choirs, Bands, and Orchestras Is Here!

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Chorus Pop for choirs, bands and orchestras is the latest sing-your-heart-out plugin from Stupid Raisins!

First, a few lyrical words about this hands down, best-looking, best-built, best-priced and latest plugin for Final Cut Pro.

Chorus Pop for choirs, bands, and orchestras is sure to gain a devoted following in the music community who love creating Final Cut Pro virtual music videos.

Chorus Pop’s 26 beautifully animated virtual choir templates a.k.a. video walls are the result of months and over 400 hours of planning and creating. I and my team have done the hard work so you won’t have to sing for your supper. The result is time and money saved for you. All that you have to do is pop these effects into your project and you are good to go!

Chorus Pop follows the same easy-to-use standards that I set for all Stupid Raisins’ plugins: Drag and Drop Your Video Wall, Add Your Performers, Customize and Done! Drop-the-mic easy, right?!

Aside from Chorus Pop’s 26 animated video walls, you are sure to have fun with the shapes that it comes in: rectangles, circles, triangles and many more.

Each Chorus Pop template is hand-crafted, animated, and hand-tested by my team of graphic designers, animators and editors. They’re also my favorite people in the world; next to God, my wife, kids, and YOU, my friend. 

I’m preaching to the choir when I tell you Drop Zones suck. Chorus Pop doesn’t use one drop zone! That means no freezing clips and no out-of-sync audio.

I can sing high praises for Chorus Pop until I’m hoarse but I think it’s best to leave you to discover how perfect Chorus Pop is for choirs, bands and orchestras.

Test everything before you buy in this free trial. I promise you’ll fall in love with Chorus Pop as I did!

Happy editing!


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