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Logo Pop is 50 professional quality, customizable Final Cut Pro X logo animation titles designed for HD (16:9 aspect ratio). Use the following guide to learn more about Logo Pop.

Template Specific Tips


To change the cube’s colors use the Side Colors gradient bar found under the Cube section in the Title inspector. Cube picks side colors from between the color tags in the gradient bar.


Fire uses a mask to make the logo look like it’s been burned. Use Burn in Size to change the size of the mask.


This one works best with logos that have some transparent parts. If the logo is just a shape (circle, rectangle, etc…) then all you’ll see is that shape.


3 Rays uses one base color and assigns variations of the base color to the other rays. For example, if you choose a dark green for the base color then one ray will be that dark green and the other two rays will be green variations.

2 Rays use two colors. You select each color.


This template works best when on top of a clip in the timeline. It looks even better when you use a Freeze Frame as it animates on! That way your footage freezes as the logo animates and then unfreezes when the logo animates off.


This template uses a lot of resources and may be slow to respond. Enable Edit Mode to easily make changes to the parameters.

Logo Pan, Zoom and Scale

The logo image well dropzone is a limited size. Use Pan and Zoom to fit your logo just right.

Use pan to move your logo around within the dropzone size (1,000 by 500 pixels). X will move your logo side to side and Y will move your logo up and down.

Use Zoom to fit your logo within the dropzone and use Scale to make your logo larger or smaller.

Custom Background

You can use a custom background by putting the title over a clip in your timeline and then setting Style to Transparent under the Background section in the Title inspector.


Parameters are grouped together and divided into sections by dashed divider lines and pop-up menus.

Some dividers have a light bulb next to the section name. The light bulb means that there are some ideas, tips and tricks in the pop-up menu. Just click on the pop-up menu and you’ll see the ideas. Selecting an idea won’t change the template.


You can move the logo in some templates. Just look for a circular on screen control. However there are others that you can’t move because the animation requires them in a certain spot.

Best Practices

Turn into a compound clip. If you want to change any of the video settings in the inspector (scale, transform or distort) turn the template into a compound clip.

Use undo instead of reset parameter. Some parameters reset to a default value that isn’t the same as the initial title value. This is especially true for gradients.

Delete old title; don’t replace titles. When you double click on a title to replace the current title it inherits a lot of the attributes (text fields, etc…) of the previous title. Try adding titles cleanly by deleting the old one and drag and dropping the new one or double clicking the new one.

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