Poppin’ 50% Off Sale!

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For my fellow Raisin Haters out there, Chop Pop, Pep Pop, Slice Pop, Simple Logo Pop, and Puppet Pop are 50% off for the month of October!

Are they really on sale? You know it!

Quickly create explainer videos with Puppet Pop. Normally it’s $99 but you can get it for just 49 bucks!

Slice up your videos and images with over 160 animated splitscreens. Slice Pop in down to $49 from $99!

Add some pep to your text and titles with 100 animated text presets. Usually Pep Pop is $49 but this month it’s only $25!

Chop Pop is a pack of animated video walls with built-in titles. Any other time it would be $49. Get it now for only $25!

You’re nearly finished editing your video but you need to animate a logo. No worries! Use Simple Logo Pop to add some life to your logos at 50% off. Only $25!

Now treat yo’self and shop ‘til you pop, er, drop!

Happy editing!


P.S. The sale ends on November 2nd. If you have questions, let me know. Anything, I’m here for you.

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