Transform Boring 2D Font into Stunning 3D with Text Pop

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In Final Cut Pro videos, flat text sticks out like a sore thumb. Nothing degrades the quality of your project quite like the contrast between stunning visuals and boring text.

But that doesn’t mean we should exclude text altogether. Instead, why don’t we upgrade your words to the same level of excellence as the rest of your project?

Enter Text Pop—the future of font in FCP. Text Pop is one of many plugins for Final Cut Pro here on Stupid Raisins designed to make your editing life easier.

Take a look at the beginning of this video by Quebec’s Granby Zoo to see Text Pop in action:

What is Text Pop?

Text Pop is a collection of 112 3D text styles and titles for Final Cut Pro X, using 15 different text templates.

It’s the fastest and easiest way to add professional-looking 3D titles to your videos with minimal time and effort, and I use it myself in tons of projects.

In short, Text Pop is the only tool you need to add stunning 3D text to your FCP videos. No matter what your story, Text Pop will help you tell it.

See how the Goldmark Gallery uses Text Pop to help bring their artwork to life:

Why Text Pop?

Life before and after Text Pop is like night and day. Check out Text Pop if you’re interested in any of the following:

  1. Saving tons of time and money instead of self-teaching or hiring expensive freelancers
  2. Kicking your boring old text up a notch with exciting, compelling 3D text that looks just like a professional made it
  3. Avoiding the massive headache of trying to use another plugin or tweaking your text to look perfect

Text Pop is highly customizable, too. After trying it out for a few seconds, you’ll never want to go back to standard 2D text again. I know I don’t!

Here’s the Granby Zoo again highlighting even more features of Text Pop:

Installing and using Text Pop is incredibly easy

Text Pop—along with its other Stupid Raisins brothers and sisters—can be found on FxFactory, a totally free and completely awesome platform for distributing FCP plugins. Just install FxFactory and grab your free Text Pop demo—I know you’re going to love it.

Once you fall in love with Text Pop, you can easily download the full version directly through Final Cut Pro X. Locate the plugin under Titles, category “Stupid Raisins Text Pop.”

To use Text Pop, simply drag and drop the title into your project timeline and you’re set. From there, coming up with awesome font is as simple as adjusting the super easy customization controls.

It really couldn’t be easier! Give it a shot and let me know what you think.

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