Premium FCPX Transitions Plugins

Paid & free FCPX plugins exclusively created for Final Cut Pro

Premium FCPX Transitions Plugins

Music Pop

13 Music Video Tools for Final Cut Pro

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Transition Pop

200 Transitions for Final Cut Pro

See Details $99

Water Pop

64 Transitions & Titles for Final Cut Pro

See Details $59
Swap Pop

55 Simple Final Cut Pro Modern Transitions

See Details $59
Flow Pop

60 Final Cut Pro Smooth Transitions

See Details $59
Fast Pop

46 Final Cut Pro Fast Blur Transitions

See Details $49
Shape Pop

69 Shapes & Transitions for Final Cut Pro

See Details $69
Panel Pop

26 Panel Changing Transitions

See Details $49
Block Pop

46 Block Transforming Transitions

See Details $49
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New Final Cut Pro Plugin Being Made

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Free FCPX Transitions Plugins

Tile Pop

Flipping Tile Final Cut Pro Transition

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New Final Cut Pro Plugin Being Made

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Coming Soon

New Final Cut Pro Plugin Being Made

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Why People LoveTransitions Final Cut Pro Plugins


Skyrocket Production Value

Want Hollywood-level production value? You got it. Ramp up your video editing abilities with next-level Final Cut Pro plugins that can do just about anything short of cooking you breakfast in the morning.

Our plugins aren't just one-trick ponies either. All Stupid Raisins are built with a ton of features and functions at your disposal to produce awesome videos to make Tinseltown just a little jealous.


Save Loads of Time

If you love spending hours (or days) figuring out how to use your video editing plugins, Stupid Raisins might not be for you. I build my plugins to be as simple as possible, taking advantage of super quick installation through FxFactory.

You shouldn't need a college course on how to use your editing program—our learning curve is basically a straight line. And with simple drag and drop functionality, you can easily plop each plugin right into your timeline when you're in a rush.


Save Tons of Cash

Achieve maximum production quality with out hitting the maximum limit on your credit card. Lots of our plugins cost less than a night out at the movies.

Trying to hire a worker for the day to pump out edits on your project can quickly add up to crush your budget—even with 'simple' changes. Want some great news? A Stupid Raisins plugin pays for itself after a single project.


Professionally Developed

Stupid Raisins plugins are crafted with tender love and care. These are the plugins I use myself, and poor craftsmanship just don't cut it for me and my projects.

These are plugins built for freelance videographers, small business owners and journalists by a total FCP geek. I combine power, flexibility and user-friendliness to turn your production into a blockbuster, but without the wallet-busting costs.


Super Simple Customization

Using customized plugin templates, have fun editing and tweaking all of our special effects, titles and transitions with your own personal style.

All of our plugins are fully integrated with FCPX, putting all your favorite effects within arms reach as you focus 100% on making your project a success...and not micromanagement.


Incredible Support

I believe amazing customer service should be a right, not a privilege. With Stupid Raisins, expect lightning-quick answers to your burning questions within an hour.

We all know how irritating it is when you're in the zone with a big project and all of a sudden software issues throw a wrench in your plans. Nobody wants to wait all day for tech support. Get better support, and get back to making awesome videos right now, not later.

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Your Questions: Answered

Who are your plugins designed for?

Stupid Raisins plugins are designed for anybody wanting to save money and time on their Final Cut Pro editing without skimping on the quality.

Small businesses, journalists, in-house editors, you name it.

Do your plugins take a long time to get up and running?

Not at all! Stupid Raisins plugins are designed specifically for Final Cut Pro using incredibly easy, organized controls. And with help pages for each and every plugin (plus in-depth video tutorials), you'll be ready to go in under 7 minutes if you haven't installed FxFactory yet, and just a minute if you have.

Will it bog down my system?

Nope! Our plugins are quicker than a cheetah on a coffee binge, and 100% optimized using Final Cut Pro's plugin structure to leave a tiny footprint. Plus, our plugins render in under 5 seconds.

How many times can I use these plugins?

All of my plugins are unlimited use, no strings attached.

What sort of effects are your plugins capable of?

Over the years, we've created tons of plugins to tackle some of the most common challenges with Final Cut Pro, like:

  • Animated Symbols
  • Whiteboard Videos
  • Animated Logos
  • Video Infographics
  • Lower Thirds
  • Animated Text
  • Stylized Transitions

Plus with all of these customization options, all of your projects will have a totally unique look and feel you can actually get excited about.

How expensive is it? Do you offer free trials? Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Many of our plugins start off at just $49, and I also offer several free plugins to boot. All plugins are also available as a free trial, which means you'll never need to take a risk when you buy a Stupid Raisins product.

Realize later on that our plugins aren't for you? Let us know, and take advantage of our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Who the heck makes these plugins?

That would be me. I'm is Dylan Higginbotham. Making videos is a blast and I just love building Final Cut Pro plugins. Some quick facts: Dad of five, quick to laugh, love basketball (I can even touch the bottom of the net).

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