Final Cut King’s Social Media Lower Third Titles

Facebook Lower Third Title

Facebook Lower Third Title

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What is this?

A few weeks ago Final Cut King released a free social media lower third pack. Woohoo! It’s a great title sequence you can use to promote your social media accounts. The only problem is that it’s a Motion composition and not a Final Cut Pro X title pack. As a title pack I think more people will use it.
Twitter Lower Third Title

Twitter Lower Third Title

Youtube Lower Third Title

Youtube Lower Third Title

Pinterest Lower Third Title

Pinterest Lower Third Title

I made a couple improvements

I combined all the compostions and converted it into a FCPX title pack. Now you can easily drop a title on your video, select your social media network, turn on/off the animations and use custom icons and colors.

How to install it

  1. Download the file.
  2. Unzip file.
  3. Move “Stupid Raisins” folder to Movies>Motion Templates>Titles>Lower Thirds.
  4. Restart Final Cut Pro X and you’re good to go.

How to use it

In FCPX click on the Title browser. Select Lower Thirds and then scroll down to Stupid Raisins. Drag the title onto your clips and then select the title. You’ll have the following options.

Social Media Lower Third Title Controls

Social Media Lower Third Title Controls

Use the drop down to select the network. If you select Custom you can use a custom icon and change the title bar colors. You can turn the build in/out animations on and off with the checkboxes.

Text doesn’t update in FCPX

Sometimes when you change text you might not see the changes. That’s because you’re updating one of the other text boxes and it’s “turned off”. In order to get to your active text box use the arrows in the upper left hand corner of the canvas. Watch this video to see it in action.

Animations speed changes with duration adjustments

Final Cut King key-framed the animations so if you change the title duration the animations will speed up or slow down. I tried to change it using Motion behaviors but couldn’t get it just right. I did however add markers so the build in/out animations timing won’t change if you adjust the title duration.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know in the comments below.

48 comments on “Final Cut King’s Social Media Lower Third Titles
  1. Eric Austin says:


    I love your social Lower thirds. However, after downloading went to
    movies/motion templates/titles, and you instructed to install the “stupid raisins” folder in Lower thirds, but first, there is no folder after “Titles”, and there is no stupid raisins folder. so after unzipping, I moved all three lower third files to the titles folder, but no matter how many time i restart Final cut, they don’t show anywhere.. any ideas?

    • Dylan says:

      Hi Eric. Thanks for your reply. The lower thirds aren’t mine. Final Cut King made them in Motion and then I converted them to FCPX titles.

      Go to your Titles folder and create a “Lower Thirds” folder. Now put the Stupid Raisins folder that you unzipped into the new “Lower Thirds” folder. Restart FCPX and you should see them.

      Did that work?

      • Rika says:

        I’ve recently isetallnd FCPX and just stumbled upon your blog which I will use as a resource. I’m a teacher in a small independent school and aside from teaching, I put together a video featuring the entire student body staff with video clips and photos taken throughout the year. I would love to have the SquidFX Generator plugin to help showcase my project. Very cool!

        • Dylan says:

          I’m glad I could help and I’d love to see the video you made.

          I’m not SquidFX but what generator are you talking about?

      • Ryan says:

        Creating a “Lower Thirds” folder worked for me. I think it is because I haven’t purchased Motion yet, so it hasn’t created those folders yet. Thanks for posting this!

      • Chelsea says:

        I had the same problem but for me there were no files in the ‘Motion Templets’ file. I went in and created the ‘Titles>Lower Thirds’ folders. I updated and restarted FCP and nothing changed.

  2. Kevin says:

    I downloaded this and once I drag it onto one of my video and tried to change the name it get stucks on finalcutking even tho I can change it in textbox but it wouldn’t change on it visual. even after rending and make move it still says finalcutking?

  3. Renzo says:

    Hi there,

    First: thanks for this great title for free. Really appreciate it.
    Second: is there a way to handle the white space? I saw the png are transperant. I would like to remove the whitespaces, but I do not know how! 🙁

    • Dylan says:

      Hi Renzo. Thanks for stopping by. You’re welcome.

      Can you send me a screenshot showing what you’re talking about?

  4. John says:

    I installed as instructed, but I can’t seem to find the navigation arrows in the top left hand corner of the Viewer Window to edit the text as you demonstrated in the video linked in this tutorial. How do I get them to appear? Thanks.

  5. Winston says:

    Thanks for the title, it’s beautiful.

  6. Evan Basson says:



  7. Daniel Cobbina says:

    Thanks alot for this effect. I have just tried downloading this as suggested but I can only see the Facebook logo when I try to use the effect. I cant seem to find the youtube and twitter ones. I can see the logo images in the extracted folder but have no idea why they dont seem to apppear when i re-start Final cut pro x. Any ideas why?
    Thanks in advance.

  8. jon says:

    thanks man, great stuff.
    i used it, looks great on FCPX, i went to render my video and when i looked at my movie, the custom pic (a png) i used was not boxed, it kinda threw the pics that were supposed to be in the box all around? any idea what im doing wrong?

  9. Will the Thrill says:

    i’ve fcpx 10.0.8 I copied ‘Stupid Raisins’ folder under ‘Lower Thirds’ but no Stupid anything when I look under Title|Lower Thirds when I fire-up X. fyi: ‘Stupid Raisins’ has a folder called ‘Social Media’. I can send you a snapshot. Where can I send it?

  10. Will the Thrill says:

    Is Motion required to use this? I don’t yet have Motion installed.

    • Nope. They should work in FCPX just fine.

      • Will the Thrill says:

        Ok, I got it to work by moving “Stupid Raisins” folder under “Titles”. Why do we need the “Lower Thirds” folder? And more questions:
        1) how do we control the size of the logo .. adjustable please – I need smaller.
        2) and how to change the color of the text?


        • The Lower Thirds folder is simply a category to organize templates.

          You can’t change the size of the logo right now however you can open these in Motion and change the size.

          To change the color in FCPX select the text and then press Text in the inspector. Change the color under Face.

  11. Bizznezz says:

    Love the Social Network effects. We do a lot of free work for neighborhood entrepreneurs who help out the inner city kids. Here is the first vid I done using these effects for one of them. He is actually going to be featured on ESPN for his work on Aug 9th. Thanks for you creativity.

  12. John says:

    I downloaded the social media stupid raisins folder and followed directions. I can’t find the files anywhere in FCPX 10.09. Any ideas?

  13. John says:

    yes I restarted fcpx. I use 10.09 and have motion installed as well.

  14. John says:

    OK, I deleted the original file, downloaded it again and reinstalled the Social Media folder directly in the Stupid Raisins folder that I had I created in Motion Templates/Titles. I eliminated the Lower Thirds intermediate folder. The plugin seems to work fine and I can customize the text in a title.

    Thanks for your help.

  15. Francisco says:

    Eres un GENIO!!!
    Nuevamente muchísimas GRACIAS, genial este Tercio Inferior Social Media.

  16. Ernest says:

    Any idea where the tutorial is located to help change the text of the lowerthird titles?

    • It looks like I accidentally deleted it and I can’t recover it.

      In order to get to your active text box use the arrows in the upper left hand corner of the canvas.

      Did that help?

  17. Mike Success says:

    I’m using version 10.04, no arrows in the upper left? Help please.

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