Movie Pop – FCPX Movie Titles

What is this?

This is a free Final Cut Pro X title plugin inspired by movie titles. All you have to do is add your own text. If you want to learn how to make the titles on your own in Final Cut, check out the tutorials linked below.

Assassin’s Creed

Check out the tutorial to make this yourself.

Rogue One Title

Check out the tutorial to make this yourself.

Fantastic Beasts Title

Watch the tutorial to make it on your own.

How do you install it?

Movie Pop is distributed through FxFactory so it’s a piece of cake to install. Just click this button to start the installation.

How do you use it?

In Final Cut Pro X (10.3 or newer) click on the Title browser. Select Movie Pop and drag and drop the template into your timeline.

Using the inspector you can change the text. For more details, take a look at this video.

Fantastic Beasts Title Help

If you have any questions, let me know in a comment below.

22 comments on “Movie Pop – FCPX Movie Titles
  1. Ronald says:

    Button for download template does not work…

  2. SUBHASH says:

    Taking long time to download

  3. SUBHASH says:

    sorry- not downloading

  4. Julio Garcia says:

    Cannot download the template the link is always broken

  5. Julio Garcia says:

    Starts to download and never completes downloading always drops out, I give up downloading it, I have used both Safari and Chrome and it always stops before completion WTF??

    • Sorry it’s not working for you Julio. I just tested again and it works fine.

      Next week, I’m going to make this available through FxFactory and add another free template. Maybe that will fix your download problems and it will definitely make installing a breeze!

  6. Paul says:

    Hey Dylan,
    Movie POP is listed in FX Factory as “Unsupported”.
    What do I do to get it?

  7. Tobias says:

    Rogue One Title should be under “titles” in 10.3.1 from FCPX. Installed Factory FX but no such title ?
    Restarted FCPX several times.

  8. Pasquale says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make it also available for Adobe Premiere or After effects! PLEASE! 🙂

  9. Ron says:

    I’m using FCP 10.3.1 I downloaded Movie Pop and had it working in the timeline. When I quit FCP and reopened later I got the “media is missing” frame showing. I went to download another copy and FX Factory shows that Movie Pop has been disabled for my applications…

  10. Linda Worth says:

    I am getting an “unsupported” status in FX Factory every time I try to install the Movie Pop templates. I’m running all the latest versions of FxFactory (6.01) Mac OS(Sierra) , and FCPX 10.3.2. Please help …. I love your templates 🙂

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