Comic Pop Help

Comic Pop is a collection of energetic hand-drawn comic book style animations designed for Final Cut Pro X.

Comic Pop Inspector Controls

Comic Pop Controls

Comic Pop Controls


Use these controls to change the color of the animation. Most animations have two colors but some only have one color. If it only has one color,you’ll only see one color picker. You can also change the opacity of the animation.


These controls allow you to change the animation size, position and rotation. You can also make those changes with on screen controls in the canvas viewer. The changes made with the on screen controls will be reflected in the Inspector controls.

Comic Pop On Screen Controls

Comic Pop On Screen Controls


Each animation has a built in glow and you can change the color, glow amount and opacity.

Drop Shadow

You may want to separate your animation from a background and Drop Shadow is a quick and easy way to do that. You can pick the color and set the opacity. You can change the Drop Shadow blur from hard to soft and you can move the shadow with the distance slider. Angle rotates the shadow around the animation.

Using Comic Pop

Adding animations to your project is easy. Just drag and drop your animation to your timeline. Line it up with your video, make adjustments and you’re done!