Become a Final Cut Pro Hero with Comic Pop

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Looking for an awesome way to add more energy and action to your commercials, business videos, sports videos, wedding videos…basically, anything? Let me introduce you to my friend Comic Pop…at least, that’s his name by day. You can do this with one of the best plugins for final cut pro x to ever grace this universe!

Comic Pop is the all-in-one plugin powerhouse that’ll help your video fly, move mountains and melt steel. It’s loaded with more gadgets than the Bat Cave, including title templates, logo templates, transitions and animations—60 of ‘em, to be exact.

Take a look at those super cool lyric video for Let Me Love You to see just amazing these comic-style effects look in action:

What is Comic Pop?

Once upon a time, I was looking for cool ways to add a bit of action and flair to one of my projects. I love the art style of comic books, so it made sense to work that style into my videos. BOOM! Comic Pop was born.

Comic Pop will light your videos on fire (literally, if you want). We’ve also got electric, lines, energy, smoke effects…Comic Pop is your editing utility belt.

Comic Pop is the perfect addition to videos or specific shots where ACTION is front and center, but the effects can also be used just as well to add subtle enhancements to nearly any project. Yes, even your wedding videos.

Spice up text, energize logos…the sky’s the limit when you can fly.

Check out one of our customer videos, who shows us that sometimes heroes come in glass bottles.

Why Comic Pop?

Comic Pop might be for you if:

  1. You don’t want to waste countless hours learning how to make cool effects for your videos, or you don’t want to empty your bank account hiring a freelancer
  2. You want your videos to look professional and action-packed
  3. You want to avoid the migraine-inducing effects of using more complicated plugins and editing tools

That last one is basically me in a nutshell! Comic Pop is my secret weapon for instilling character into my projects and grabbing the attention of my audience. Oh, and did I mention Comic Pop is highly customizable?

How about we transform baseball into an action-packed showdown of epic proportions:

Installing and using Comic Pop is so easy, you’ll think you have superpowers

Comic Pop is available through FxFactory, a very awesome and very free platform where I distribute all of my plugins. Once you download FxFactory, you’ll be able to snag a free demo of Comic Pop and get to work right away!

Fall in love with the demo? You can get the full version directly from Final Cut Pro. You’ll find Comic Pop under Titles, category name Stupid Raisins Comic Pop.

Getting started couldn’t be easier—just drag and drop that bad boy right in your project timeline and you’re good to go. Just be sure to use your newfound powers for good, OK?

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