Filming for a Longmire TV show documentary

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Fellow FCPX user and video production guru Dan Wierling wrote to me recently and told me about his experiences filming on the Longmire TV show set for a documentary. His company DGW Video Productions was hired to film actors, producers and others from the Longmire series.

I’m a big fan of the show so it was fun to chat with someone that worked close to the production!

Here’s what Dan wrote:

Some time ago that we were contracted for a project to film the actors, producers and author Craig Johnson of the Longmire series for an LA studio that would be producing a documentary for Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. We filmed our parts in July of 2014 and the documentary was only released in the special features section of the Season 3 DVD in March of 2015.

Our involvement consisted of the following:

  • Creating two set locations in the Cowboy Carousel in Buffalo, Wyoming.
  • Providing and setting up all lighting, scrims and reflection for the interviews held there.
  • Filming interviews with Robert Taylor, Adam Bartley, Hunt Baldwin, and Craig Johnson as they were scheduled thru Warner Bros.
  • Obtaining the audio dialogue from the talent being filmed.
  • Applying the makeup to the talent before and during the interview shoots.
  • Solo run and gun filming with Robert Taylor, Katee Sackhoff, Adam Bartley and Zahn McClarnon throughout the area and at various ranches.
  • Random filming of executive producer, Hunt Baldwin and scheduled interview with him also.
  • Coordinating with (2) producers on location (Studio West Pictures and Amity Pictures)
  • Offloading our footage, screening dailies and compiling master raw footage to a hard drive for the producers to take back with them.

I was the DP on the project, my wife was a production assistant and we had two of our people working with us and the two producers and their assistant. We also had a lot of help from various personnel at the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce assisting us with food, moving set equipment around, opening and locking buildings for us and helping with communications.

It was a fun time, but three long 17 to 19 hour days to get it all done during Longmire Days 2014.

We are proud of this work and hope you find it enjoyable.

You can view it here.

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