24 Free Final Cut Pro X Title Templates

What is this?

In 2012, Ripple Training made a video about Motion 5’s link behavior. In their example they used titles only available in Motion 5. Some people commented they’d love these titles in Final Cut Pro X. I couldn’t agree more so I converted them to FCPX titles. Party time!

Why should YOU care?

Duh, 24 FREE titles! I spent 37 hours converting, linking and testing these templates so you don’t have to. Grab ’em and get creating!

In Motion 5, these titles are compositions. I converted them to Title templates by changing the file extension from .motn to .moti and then published to FCPX. All the different elements had different color controls so I linked the colors together and published the controls. Now it’s easy to customize the color of each template.

Splash Menu Screenshot

Splash Menu Screenshot

How to install it

Template Pop is distributed through FxFactory so it’s a piece of cake to install. Just click this button to start the installation. If you don’t have FxFactory, you can download it here.

How to use it

In Final Cut Pro X (10.3 or newer) click on the Title browser. Select Template Pop and select your title from 8 different themes.

Drag the title onto your clips and then select the title. Depending on the title you’ll have some or all of the following options.

  • Shape colors
  • Text colors
  • Background Colors
  • Background Opacity
Snap Lower Third Screenshot

Snap Lower Third Screenshot


Some funkiness

You’ll notice in some of the templates when you change the shapes’ colors that there’s a delay. Some of the shapes update right away and others you have to move the playhead before they change color. Don’t worry too much because they do in fact change; you just have to move the playhead. Take a look at this video to see it in action.

Color theme inspiration

Now that you can customize colors you might need some design inspiration. Let me introduce you to Adobe Color. Color, meet time pressed video editor. Video editor, meet Color. Color lets you try out, create and save color themes. You can browse color themes others have created and search by keyword to find your next killer color theme.

Vine Open Screenshot

Vine Open Screenshot

If you have any questions, suggestions or use this in a video let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Mike Miller says:

    Thanks. Please let me know what else you create, for free or sale!

  2. Andreas Kiel says:

    You might use my Motion Template Tool for creating easy install scripts. It’s free.


    • Dylan says:

      Hi Andreas! I did try it out but I was confused. Don’t worry, with 4 kids I’m always confused.

      If I understand correctly, the end user has to have MTT installed as well. Is that correct?

  3. valerio says:

    I’m new in final cut pro x. I just followed your guide but templates doesn’t works: they appear blue and if I try to click on “info” button, final cut crash…
    I drag and dropped your folders in my motion template>titles.
    what I can do?

  4. steven says:

    greatly appreciated.. thanks!

  5. jeremy hugues says:

    Mille mercis. Thanks so much.

  6. dje says:

    bonjour je découvre petit a petit FCP x je bien suivi votre explication mais ca ne marche pas qu’un px m’explique comment l’installer sans pb merci

    • Dylan says:

      I don’t speak French very well but I think you said you’re having a problem. Can you tell me in English?

  7. Bonjour
    Je suis toujours surpris et heureux de connaître des gens généreux sur le web.
    Tu en fais partie et en plus ta créativité est remarquable. Merci !!!

  8. I’m always stunned and happy to know generous people on the web. You are part of that and your creativity is great. Thank you for that


    Thanks bro…this can make my video very more nicely..

  10. Olaf Perßon says:

    thanks so much for your free plugins – and please send me newsletter. cheers

    • Dylan says:

      You’re welcome. I added your email address to the newsletter. You should get a confirmation email. Thanks for stopping by.

  11. K says:

    Hello there,

    Where do we place the download folders if we are using a mac? I am new to FCPX. Pls advice…

  12. K says:

    NEVERMIND. Works like a charm. THNX 😀

  13. pedro says:

    Excellent !!! Thank you so much for the time you spend to offer that. Great great job !!!

  14. Edwin says:

    Thank you for this templates and lower thirds, i want to learn how use old templates of motion 3 in final cut

    can you make a tutorial ?
    Thank you

    • Dylan says:

      Have you tried opening the Motion file in Motion 5? Maybe you can send me the Motion 3 file and I may have time to convert it for you.

  15. Johnathan says:

    Thanks for this! I have some Motion 5 templates I want to convert into FCPX. I have added them as motion generators and I simply import them into FCP. Problem is, as soon as I use it in my timeline (before even using a drop zone) FCPX crashes! Do I need to somehow convert the Motion 5 template before using it in FCP? I am running the latest build of FCP.

  16. iiTwenty says:

    Thanks! Was wondering who the music was by…

  17. juan says:

    Thanks so much. It works perfectly

  18. Octavio says:

    Thnkz a lot for this tittles 😀 they are wonderful (:

  19. Rafael says:

    Man! You rock!! awesome… Thank you!

    • Dylan says:

      You’re welcome. I’ve been known to rock out a few times. In fact I’m head banging while I type this message.

  20. Krystyna says:

    I usually don’t leave comments but wow, you did an AMAZING job, thank you!!!!!!!!

  21. dany rohe says:

    thanks so much!!!!! ;-)))

  22. Aaron says:

    THanK You!!!!

  23. shelonda says:

    nice work thank you.

  24. hugosamor says:

    Thanks for this it’s really great!

  25. Thanks! They look great!

  26. Jada says:

    I downloaded the pack unzipped it and followed the instructions, but every time I try it all I got is a blue empty screen. where did I go wrong?

  27. John says:

    Hi – When downloaded – you say to add to the movies>motion templates etc folder. Where is this folder located? Thanks

  28. ebensmatik says:

    Thanks, great work!

  29. Great stuff, excellent. More please!

  30. Kara Stephens says:

    Great titles! Is there anyway to shorten the duration? I tried using the decode but it’s too long. If I shorten it I lose the title and the speed change options are greyed out. Do I need to go back to Motion for that or can I do it in FCPX?
    And thanks for all of the hard work.

  31. Could you remove the “name here” and other annotations, so that the transitions can be used in video production that doesn’t use Final Cut Pro, such as the basic Windows Live Movie Maker? Thank you!

    • Sorry but these are made so that the editor can easily change the text in FCPX. You can open these in Motion and turn off the text layers and then export them as movies to use in Movie Maker.

  32. Dear,
    can you please contact me by email for making a template in motion 5.
    thank you


  33. Adrian Moody says:

    I would love to grab these wonderful titles, especially since you spent so much time converting them!

    But I can’t seem to download them from the links. The file download simply sits idly in my “downloads” folder. I’m using Mountain Lion and Safari.

  34. octavio red says:

    i downloaded it. it shows on on FCPX but its BLUE and when i attempt to use it it freezes the program! what can i do?

  35. Jong Park says:

    I am Jong
    I just download it and followed your guide.
    However, when I apply the templet to Final Cut X 10.0
    it was blue screen on FCX.

    How can I use it?

    Please email me and let me know.
    Thanks 🙂

  36. walt burns says:

    do i need a copy of motion to install? i am using the free 30 day trial of fcp x
    and i cant find the ‘motion templates’ folder.
    i tried creating it in the movies folder but the templates didnt load
    many thanks

  37. Matthew Jenkins says:

    I have downloaded the templates. I created the folders as instructed in my movie file. It doesn’t seem to load them when I launch FCP X. please help

  38. Yamini says:

    Thanks Dylan,

    Just learning to play with FCPX titles in motion. Very new to this stuff. Your renditions are fascinating .. Thanks for putting ’em up for everyone!!


  39. Fernando says:

    Just awesome and working fine…
    Thanks a lot…!!

  40. Daniel Campos says:

    Thanks! Thanks a lot!
    lovu 😛

  41. 이상두 says:

    유용하게 잘 쓰겠습니다.

  42. ConnerPro says:

    I’m truly getting excited about the new features with FCP 10.1!

  43. Douglas says:

    Hi Dylan

    Thanks for these great lower thirds, awesome. I have an issue, being very new to Mac as well, I think I am doing something weird. I click on the converted templates folder in Downloads and it opens a finder window with install Txt and the two folder Lower Thirds and Opens following the install Txt I drag the folders contained in Lower Thirds to Movies>Motion Templates>Titles>Lower Thirds and drop them into that folder.

    Start FCPX go to Title browser and nothing in the list of available titles.

    I also opened the ‘Atmospheric’ folder and dropped the ‘Atmospheric Lower Thirds’ Folder into the Titles folder and tried again with FCPX and again nothing.

    Are you able to suggest what I am doing wrong.


  44. Douglas says:

    Hi Daryl, no problems I got so caught up I forgtot to come back and check.

    Ok have uploaded the video to http://youtu.be/nv8wZKzQkGY

    I will wait for your findings.


    • Douglas, Thanks for the video. Did you scroll through the Opens or Lower Thirds categories to see the different themes?

      • Douglas says:

        Thanks Dylan, got it sorted. I downloaded and installed the the FXfactory in readiness for having a look at your LogoPop offer that came through today. I also downloaded one of the free apps to try. All went well.

        Now when I resumed trying to get this one working, I went back into the folder structure and suddenly I saw that fxfactory had created 3 new folders ‘Effects, Titles, Transitions’ I thought Hmmmm and I remembered that originally there was no Titles folder so I had created one, and then unzipped your files and put them in as per the install txt.

        It occured to me that maybe it was to do with a system, path not being registered, (if that’s the right word) and therefore FCPX was not looking in the right place. I moved Opens and Lower thirds into the new Titles folder, opened FCPX and here they were.

        So for whatever reason when FCPX was installed it didn’t create the correct Titles folder under Motion Templates. Weird.

        Anyway all is well, thank you very much and looking forward to trying and most likely buying the LogoPop and more from you. Your work is amazing. thank you so much.

  45. Hi

    Love the output however, I’m unable to change the ‘Title Information 1’ content on the Snap Open title sequence. What am I doing wrong? (I can edit subsequent ‘Text’ title.)


    • Once you’ve selected a text box you can cycle through all the other text boxes by clicking on the right or left arrows in the upper-hand left corner of the canvas. Cycle through until you get to “Title Information 1” and then make your changes.

  46. Stefan says:

    Hi Dylan, What a great job! Thanks!

    I loved the video showing so many great effects you offered, so I downloaded them. For some reason I cannot get FCPX to see them.

    I use the newest build 10.1.2 of FCPX, and have followed instructions to the letter. There is only one user set up in this O/S, and only a few of other programs are installed. I noticed that my “plain vanilla” FCPX has only empty Motion Templates folder where it was supposed to be, so I copied there both folders as per instructions.

    This is my current data structure:

    -my account
    —Final Cut Backups
    —iMovie Library.imovielibrary
    —iMovie Theater.theater
    —Motion Templates
    —–Lower Thirds
    ——… etc.
    ——… Vine (all your set of subfolders is here)
    ——… etc.
    ——… Vine (all your set of subfolders is here)

    BTW I do NOT see here the “built in” folders with effects of FCPX which are showing up a la carte inside the editor. Did I miss something? Aren’t they supposed to be in the same dir?

    I am relatively new to MAC, but seasoned on PC, so I should get it soon LOL. Need some guidance in trouble shooting.

    As of now I suspect three possible situations:
    1. wrong directory – FCPX is not “looking” here for effects.
    2. wrong permissions – need some suggestions where and how do I change them correctly.
    3. incompatibility with this newest version of FCPX.

    I would appreciate your help.

    Thanks for all the effort in making our life better.


  47. Stefan says:

    Thanks for immediate reply… 🙂

    Not to my knowledge… rechecking… nope… nothing with “motion” anywhere on the apps file list or in the Launcher…

    I see in the app store a free app Motion FX is this the one that is required to make these titles work?

    There is also an app titled Motion video for $50…

  48. Stefan says:

    Yes, and updated as well (to 10.1.3), and restarted FCPX again but no change, still nothing.

    I rechecked my steps:

    1, downloaded and unziped files – OK
    2, moved folders to
    Users\my account\Movies\Motion Templates\Titles
    creating there two new subfolders Lower Thirds and Opens with their respective data structure.
    3, restarted FCPX.

    My FCPX does NOT see any of these effects inside its Titles browser, nor anywhere inside any of the browsers I can see there. What am I doing incorectly?

    BTW I did not change anything while installing FCPX, just old, good – plain vanilla installation, so everything is in “default” locations and settings.

    Any ideas?


  49. Stefan says:

    Hi Dylan, guess what, I FOUND the resolution! I think we need to let know EVERYONE with the recent versions of FCPX that they have to do one additional change (editing) in the directory structure in order for all additional effects to show up in the effects browser window. Here is what I found, tested and now I have them all showing as they should:
    Once you follow ALL the steps as per Dylan’s instructions you need to go in FINDER to the Motion Templates folder, select it, and choose GET INFO (right click). There go down to Name & Extension and there should be “Motion Templates” in this field. If not add it there. Then add to it to make it become: Motion Templates.localized
    Now restart FCPX and voila! You have the brand new 24 free effects by Dylan!!! Awesome!

    I tried to recreate the path where I have found it to credit the original poster, but my Firefox crashed secretly on me and took this knowledge to its grave (beast!), so until me, or someone else discovers once more this good Samaritan who shared this secret, as I do now… Let’s enjoy the power of know-how and Thanks Dylan once more.

    …and now back to editing! yes, yes, yes…

    Cheers from Ontario, Canada, everybody 🙂

  50. ARS says:

    Thanks from Russia!!!!

  51. Mark Aylward says:

    I followed the instructions and checke the last post about the Get Info, but still nothing inside FCP X 10.1.1

  52. Varsha Prith says:

    Thanks a Lot.. It was so helpful

  53. Dharmesh says:

    i like this and updating to new version

  54. Catherine Edwards says:

    Hi Dylan,

    I have Final Cut Pro X Version 10.2.2 and I can’t figure out how to install your 24 free titles and opens that you converted from Motion X. Please help! I have an iMac, running Yosemite.

  55. Jason says:

    Wow, these are phenomenal

  56. Edvin Garcia says:

    Sorry, I can not unzip the file , it gives me error. You could download it from another site, it can be server error.

    Thank you very much!

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