Make Awesome Animated Sidebar Logos and Templates with Side Pop

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Would you rather not spend time creating custom sidebars for your videos from scratch?

You’re in good company—that was exactly my line of thinking when I made Side Pop.

Take a look at the video below by TechCrunch to see just how awesome sidebar content can look. Then, read on to find out how totally NOT hard it is to pull off with Side Pop.

What is Side Pop?

Side Pop isn’t your grandmother’s Final Cut Pro plugin—this baby is packed with professionally designed (and animated) sidebar templates and logos. 30, to be exact.

Side Pop is meant to save you time and money by freeing you from needing to hire someone else or do it yourself, shaving hours of your production time by giving your the simplest, easiest customization options possible.

Side Pop’s templates are built for HD 16:9 aspect ratios and work seamlessly with Final Cut Pro X. And, Side Pop offers both left and right sidebar options, plus powerful animations to make your projects shine!

Why Side Pop?

Sidebar content works wonders in many types of projects because it creates a perfect combination of text and visuals.

You see sidebars in projects ranging from documentaries to training videos and everything in between, and they’re perfect for conveying info without showing your viewers a boring, static screen.

Side Pop takes the stress and frustration out of designing your own sidebar templates and logos and puts you back in charge of the big picture, rather than getting caught up in some of the time-consuming technical aspects of video production.

Just check out this video by Tonx for a look at how superb sidebars can enhance delicious coffee (at :54)

Side Pop is incredibly easy to install and use

Interested in Side Pop? Great! I wrote an extremely thorough and detailed guide on how to install and use this awesome plugin. Ready?

Just fire up FxFactory (or download it if you don’t have it already—it’s free). You can try out a demo of Side Pop (also free) to see just how awesome it is. After you install FxFactory, just restart Final Cut Pro and you’ll be ready to access Side Pop. It’s located under Titles as, you guess it, Side Pop.

Once it’s installed, use the plugin by dragging and dropping the Title directly into your timeline. Once there, customize your sidebar with the easiest controls on the planet (I checked), and watch in awe as you start producing top-notch sidebars like a pro.

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