Set Your Sights on Binocular and Scope for FCPX

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Have you ever seen that cool binocular effect in a video and wondered how the editor managed to pull it off? Check out this clip from the movie Ronin to see what I’m talking about:

From binoculars to periscopes to high-powered night vision sniper rifle scopes, adding a sleek scope effect to your video is a killer way to make your project look more professional and exciting. Oh, and Binocular and Scope is totally free. It’s one of my many high quality free fcpx plugins.

Ready to line up the perfect shot?

What is Binocular and Scope?

I came up with Binocular and Scope after reading an excellent scopes tutorial by Andrew Kramer of VideoCopilot. In short, I wanted to make it so anyone could add cool scope effects to their videos with a bare minimum of effort.

This plugin adds a squad of binocular and scope effects to Final Cut Pro X, with 6 styles and 12 separate crosshairs to lend a unique first-person look to your projects.

Immerse your audience and take them right into the action—just like Saving Private Ryan:

Why Binocular and Scope?

While there are tutorials out there for creating your own scope effects in Final Cut Pro X, I wanted to make the process as easy as possible. This plugin might be for you if:

  1. Want to save time and money instead of teaching yourself or hiring an editor to do it for you
  2. Want to give your videos a crisp, professional look while lending more excitement to your projects
  3. You aren’t a DIYer or you just want to avoid the headache of creating your own binocular effects

I’m extremely happy with Binocular and Scope, and I know you’re gonna love it too! It’s free, after all 😉

Who knows, maybe your video will wind up on the next list of Top Ten Movie Snipers:

Installing and using Binocular and Scope is a cinch

Installing Binocular and Scope is super simple. Just download the plugin for free and add it to FxFactory. Once it’s installed, just drag and drop the plugin straight into your video timeline to get started.

Remember, Binocular and Scope is totally free! Get it now and get shooting. Just don’t shoot your eye out, kid.

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