Spice Up Your Videos with Snap Pop’s Animated Shapes and Elements

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Ever wanted to add a totally unique but subtle look to your videos in just a few seconds? Well, me too. That’s why I made Snap Pop.

Snap Pop lets you use tons of unique elements and shapes to add personal flair to your project, accenting crucial bits in a fun and dynamic way.

Check out this video by this guy named Bruno Mars to get an idea of what I’m talking about. Ever heard of him?

What is Snap Pop?

Snap Pop is a deceptively simple but incredibly powerful fcpx plugin I made to add flair and style to my videos without going over the top. Snap Pop’s animated shapes and elements help accentuate and highlight certain aspects of your video without overpowering it.

Snap Pop is built with HD and 4K videos in mind, and it’s ready right out of the box to kick your project into high gear.

In total, Snap Pop is overflowing with 110 unique elements and shapes like circles, arrows, lines, swirls, and even EXPLOSIONS in 21 different styles. If you’re not excited yet, you’d better check your pulse!

Why Snap Pop?

Snap Pop’s purpose in life is very simple:

  1. To save you time and money when compared to hiring someone or doing these animations yourself
  2. To be professional, stylish and unique, and to lend those elements to your projects
  3. To save you from pulling your hair out in frustration with other more complicated plugins

Snap Pop is excellent for animating logos, accenting action shots, and sprucing up boring data or graphs. If you’re looking to spice up your videos in a SNAP, then Snap Pop is your knight in shining armor.

Or, you could just use it to mess with Bruno Mars, like these guys did:

Installing and using Snap Pop…is a snap

Like all of my Stupid Raisins plugins, Snap Pop is distributed through the awesome (and free) FxFactory engine. After you install FxFactory, it’s really easy to get started with a free Snap Pop demo to see just how powerful it can be when used in your projects.

Later, you can get the full version of Snap Pop directly through Final Cut Pro X. Find Snap Pop under Titles with the category name Snap Pop.

Oh, and want to know how to use Snap Pop in your videos? Just drag that sucker right into your project timeline and start making magic.

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