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Split Pop is a Final Cut Pro split screen plugin and comes with 41 customizable split screen effects for Final Cut Pro X, perfect for creating animated splits with videos and photos.

Split Pop is designed for 4K UHD and HD videos and lets you make split-screens in a snap!

General Workflow

Here’s how to get going with Split Pop quickly:

  • Add your photos and videos to your timeline.
  • Drag and drop your split screen effect template onto your photos and videos.
  • Use the published parameters to customize the look of your split-screens.

Animations and Line Controls

Use these checkboxes to turn the start and end animations on and off.

Use these controls to change the color, opacity and width of the split line. If you don’t want any lines, just set the Opacity to 0%.

On Screen Controls

You can also change the Position, Rotation and Size with handy on-screen controls.

Use Dutotone Amount to add some color to your split-screens. Then select what colors with Duotone 1 and 2.

You can make the split gradual with the Feather slider.

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