Upgrade Your Project with Incredible Symbols and Icons Using Symbol Pop

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Ready to give your video an iconic look? Let me introduce you to Symbol Pop, one of my go-to final cut pro plugins for adding supercharged animated symbols and icons to my latest projects—made for Final Cut Pro mavericks, by a Final Cut Pro maverick.

Symbol Pop is your secret arsenal of nearly 200 animated symbols for FCPX, from social media icons to rocket ships to birds to…look, it’s got a lot.

Check out this sweet video by Hootsuite after an adrenaline shot of custom symbols:

What is Symbol Pop?

Symbol Pop is my answer to the bland, static icons that used to be found in just about every video out there. In the past, it was just way easier to whip up a clipart-inspired icon, stuff it in your project, call it a day…and hope nobody cringed when they watched your video.

Turns out, making stuff dynamic and awesome is kind of tough. At least it was, until I created Symbol Pop to automate the whole process.

Symbol Pop is built with 4K and HD videos in mind, and it’s ready to take your videos from 0 to 100 mph right after installation.

Sometimes a subtle touch is all you need to add flair and energy to a project. Symbol Pop does exactly that, with 192 icons and symbols at your disposal to emphasize and draw attention to wherever you need it, whenever you need it.

Take a look at how Homie used the magic of superior symbols and iconic icons in one of their recent videos:

Why Symbol Pop?

The core reasoning behind Symbol Pop is super simple:

  1. Save time (compared to animating symbols yourself) and save money (compared to hiring someone else)
  2. To lend professional, eye-catching and unique icons and symbols to your projects
  3. To save you the heartache of dealing with other more complicated plugins

Mission accomplished! Symbol Pop is the secret sauce for cooking up pro-quality videos that grab attention and never let go. Oh, and all of the included icons are ready to be customized to your heart’s content.

Here’s how Jolt uses custom animated icons in their ads:

Installing and using Symbol Pop is a breeze

Like all of its Stupid Raisins cousins, Symbol Pop is distributed through the totally awesome and totally free FxFactory. After installing FxFactory, getting started with Symbol Pop is as simple as downloading the (also free) demo.

Love the demo? Getting the full version of Symbol Pop means buying safely and securely straight through Final Cut Pro X. You can find Symbol Pop under Titles, category name Stupid Raisins Symbol Pop.

Using the plugin is even easier—just drag and drag and drop it straight into your project timeline. It’s really that simple!

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