Become the View Master with Slide Pop

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As technology has steadily marched us forward from the days grainy black-and-white video to pocket-sized 4K capabilities, some nostalgic souls have sought out ways to recreate those vintage looks with modern technology.

If you’re one of those dreamers who still listens to music on an 8-track or plays Pacman on a thousand-pound arcade cabinet, you’re going to love Slide Pop.

Check out the opening sequence of The Wonder Years to see exactly what I’m talking about:

What is Slide Pop?

Slide Pop is a collection of 20 FCP effects and transitions inspired by the retro View-Masters of our (or maybe just my) childhood.

Slide Pop comes with 10 retro color effects, and those effects are totally customizable…which basically translates to running your videos through a time machine of awesome.

Slide Pop lends the perfect finishing touch to tons of different types of videos, like wedding videos, clips of your kids, or maybe just wistful, tear-jerking projects in memory of the best donut you ever ate.

Why Slide Pop?

The number one reason for using Slide Pop is that it’s super cool. But just in case, here are three more:

  1. Save money and save time instead of hiring a freelance editor
  2. Add special flair to your projects that’s instantly recognizable and incredibly memorable
  3. Stop yourself from using ridiculously hard editing tools that aren’t Slide Pop

Slide Pop is one of my favorite plugins for final cut pro and I use it in so many of my projects that sometimes I forget what decade it is. But I know you have more restraint than me, so you’ll be fine!

Installing and using Slide Pop is super simple

FxFactory—the awesome, free platform where you can find my plugins—is where you’ll also be able to grab a free demo of Slide Pop.

When you’re sufficiently misty-eyed, you can get the full version of Slide Pop directly through Final Cut Pro. You’ll find it under Transitions as “Stupid Raisins Slide Pop.”

To get started with Slide Pop, just click and drag it directly into your video timeline. You’ll then see its incredibly simple customization options, and in seconds you’ll be able to create the perfect look for your project.

It’s a simpler plugin for a simpler time.

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