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Quote Pop is a great way to add elegant and professional quotes to your video with 35 motion-trackable, simple, modern, and vintage professionally animated quote titles.

Quote Pop is the perfect solution for everyone out there looking for a fast and simple way to add animated quote titles to any video without wasting precious hours and dollars.

Quote Pop is designed for 4K UHD, HD, square and vertical videos and lets you inspire in seconds!

General Workflow

Here’s your game plan for using Quote Pop. Trust me, it’s really easy!

  • Drag and drop your quote template onto your timeline.
  • Add your own quote and update the font style or leave as is for a quick, stylish look.
  • Use the published parameters to customize the look of your quote.
  • Motion-track

To change the text, font, color, size and many more text options, click on the Text Tab in the Inspector.

Required Fonts

Published Parameters

Each quote template comes with published parameters that make it easy for you to customize your title. The Published Parameters are under the Title Tab in the Inspector. All titles have the same basic published parameters however some templates may have different parameters based on the quote design. But don’t worry, they’re really easy to use.


Use these checkboxes to turn the start and end animations on and off.


These parameters control how the animated quote looks. You can change size, color, opacity and more.

Drop Shadow

You can add a drop shadow to your quote to help separate it from the background.

A color picker to change the drop shadow color.

Brings up a slider to change the drop shadow opacity.

Opens a slider to blur or sharpen the drop shadow.

Provides another handy slider, this one to change the drop shadow distance.

Used to change the drop shadow angle.

Controls & On-Screen Controls

You can adjust the position, size, rotation, opacity and motion-track the quote using the On-Screen Controls or fine tune with the published parameters.

On-Screen Controls

The on-screen controls allow for laser-focused tuning to create the perfect title.

Used to change where the title is located.

Used to rotate the title.

A slider that lets you change the size of the title.

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