Turbocharge Your Transitions with Panel Pop

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Can’t get enough of those sweet, sweet transitions for your FCP project? Neither can I. That’s why I made Panel Pop to deliver the hottest, freshest panel transitions to your viewers at the speed of light.

Adding smooth, seamless transitions to your videos is essential for creating pro-quality material, and Panel Pop helps you do exactly that.

Take a peek at this clip to see Panel Pop in action:

What is Panel Pop?

348 drag-and-drop presets, 26 panel transitions, unlimited potential. Panel Pop adds truckloads of weapons-grade transition power to your video production arsenal.

And with so many combinations and so many customization options, you’re never going to run out of firepower.

Panel Pop lets you customize panel direction, motion and timing to your liking. The plugin is perfect for just about any kind of project, and it’s a staple in my video editing repertoire.

Watch this quick clip for a rundown of each Panel Pop transition:

Why Panel Pop?

Panel Pop is great for just about anyone who loves lively transitions between clips (everyone). Specifically, you might love Panel Pop if you:

  1. Hate the idea of wasting hours learning how to create your own transitions, or the thought of emptying your wallet to pay a freelancer doesn’t sound very fun
  2. Love when your videos look polished, exciting and professional
  3. Want to avoid the frustration, confusion and self-loathing that comes with purchasing another plugin or tool that just doesn’t work very well

Number 3 was me a while back. But instead of beating myself up, I got to work creating the most simple final cut pro plugin imaginable for instilling my clips with butter-smooth panel transitions and Panel Pop was born.

Basically, you’ll love this plugin if you love making great videos!

Installing and using Panel Pop is a snap

Have you heard of the Stupid Raisins app? It’s a free platform for distributing sweet FCP plugins, sort of like an app store for videographers. Anyway, go get it if you don’t have it already! Once it’s open, snag your free demo of Panel Pop and get ready to be blown away.

After you’ve collected your jaw from the floor, you’ll be able to get the full version of Panel Pop straight through Stupid Raisins. It’ll be located in your Transitions, under Panel Pop.

Getting started is as easy as dragging Panel Pop between two clips; from there, you’re faced with super-intuitive controls and customization options to start poppin’ panels til the cows come home. Enjoy!

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