Finally, Easy Layouts in FCPX with Grid Pop

Anyone who’s tried to arrange, well, anything in Final Cut Pro has discovered one of the program’s biggest issues: FCPX has NO tools to help arrange, distribute or align video clips. And that’s no bueno. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a nifty fcpx plugin to help with that? With Grid Pop, what once was […]

Transform Boring 2D Font into Stunning 3D with Text Pop

In Final Cut Pro videos, flat text sticks out like a sore thumb. Nothing degrades the quality of your project quite like the contrast between stunning visuals and boring text. But that doesn’t mean we should exclude text altogether. Instead, why don’t we upgrade your words to the same level of excellence as the rest […]

Capture the Perfect Clip with YouTube Capture

Ever wanted to give clips a cool YouTube Capture effect…without actually using YouTube Capture? This is what I’m talking about: Simple, unique, effective—that’s how all Final Cut Pro plugins should operate. Why YouTube Capture? The YouTube Capture app was released by Google to let users quickly and easily capture and edit videos on the go, […]

57 More Reasons to Smile with Emoji Pop for Final Cut Pro

Want to add fun, animated emoticons to your video project? Does that also sound like a lot of work? If you answered yes to both questions, then I’ve got a final cut pro plugin for you! Emoji Pop adds energy to your videos without actually using your own energy—adding animated emoticons really couldn’t be easier […]

Get Building with Block Pop’s Amazing Transitions for FCP

Did you ever play with blocks as a kid? Well, now you can play with blocks while you work with Block Pop. Block pop adds tons of unique transitions to your FCP editing prowess, letting you turn your videos into the stuff of legends…one block at a time. This is the fcpx transitions plugin you’ve […]

Turbocharge Your Transitions with Panel Pop

Can’t get enough of those sweet, sweet transitions for your FCP project? Neither can I. That’s why I made Panel Pop—to deliver the hottest, freshest panel transitions to your viewers at the speed of light. Adding smooth, seamless transitions to your videos is essential for creating pro-quality material, and Panel Pop helps you do exactly […]

Social Media Lower Thirds, Now with a Third of the Effort

Recently, Final Cut King released a free social media lower third pack. Sweet! Don’t we all love free plugins for fcpx? It’s a great title sequence you can use to promote your social media accounts. There’s only one problem—it’s a Motion composition, not a FCPX title pack. Personally, I think more people will be able […]

Become the View Master with Slide Pop

As technology has steadily marched us forward from the days grainy black-and-white video to pocket-sized 4K capabilities, some nostalgic souls have sought out ways to recreate those vintage looks with modern technology. If you’re one of those dreamers who still listens to music on an 8-track or plays Pacman on a thousand-pound arcade cabinet, you’re […]

Shape Pop’s Transitions Get Your Video in Tip-Top Shape

So you’ve already got a sweet video with crisp footage, bold captions, awe-inspiring effects…you name it. But something’s missing. Ah, right—clean, seamless transitions that blend perfectly with your video, adding to its appeal without becoming a distraction. That, my friend, is where Shape Pop comes in. Shape Pop is perfect for just about any project, […]

Make a Bold Statement with Title Pop

There’s nothing worse than ruining a spectacular video with flat, boring titles. With titles so ubiquitous across many different types of videos, coming up with unique and professional-looking titles in each of your projects can be time-consuming and frustrating. At least, it was before Title Pop. If you still don’t think quality titles are the […]