Become a Final Cut Pro Hero with Comic Pop

Looking for an awesome way to add more energy and action to your commercials, business videos, sports videos, wedding videos…basically, anything? Let me introduce you to my friend Comic Pop…at least, that’s his name by day. You can do this with one of the best plugins for final cut pro x to ever grace this […]

Create Killer Copycat Movie Titles with Movie Pop

Want to give your project the silver screen treatment, but don’t have a 500-million-dollar budget, access to a Hollywood backlot or a warehouse full of equipment? No problem. That’s what Movie Pop was made for. Just take a look at one of our customer-created movie trailers to see exactly what I’m talking about: What is […]

Spice Up Your Videos with Snap Pop’s Animated Shapes and Elements

Ever wanted to add a totally unique but subtle look to your videos in just a few seconds? Well, me too. That’s why I made Snap Pop. Snap Pop lets you use tons of unique elements and shapes to add personal flair to your project, accenting crucial bits in a fun and dynamic way. Check […]

Craft Awesome Logo Animations with Logo Pop

Are you getting tired of lackluster logos in your Final Cut Pro videos? Looking for an easy, affordable final cut pro plugin to help solve this problem? I was, too. That’s why I made Logo Pop—the easiest way to take your static, flat logo and turn it into something eye-popping. Something they’ll write about in […]

Ratchet Up Your Video’s Appeal in a Flash with Fast Pop

Need great transitions and blur effects for your videos, but aren’t looking for anything too dramatic or drawn out? Need a fcpx transitions plugin to help out? I did too. That’s how I came up with Fast Pop—the perfect FCPX plugin adding zippy, cool transitions to your projects. Is there a correlation between using awesome […]

Create Truly Iconic Videos with Icon Pop

Icons? Can’t you make those yourself? Wish there was a nifty convenient plugin for fcpx that could help you out? Technically you could make icons yourself but making one icon for your video will probably take you at least an hour. Want two icons? That’s two hours. But what about a hundred icons at your […]

Finally, Easy Layouts in FCPX with Grid Pop

Anyone who’s tried to arrange, well, anything in Final Cut Pro has discovered one of the program’s biggest issues: FCPX has NO tools to help arrange, distribute or align video clips. And that’s no bueno. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a nifty fcpx plugin to help with that? With Grid Pop, what once was […]

Transform Boring 2D Font into Stunning 3D with Text Pop

In Final Cut Pro videos, flat text sticks out like a sore thumb. Nothing degrades the quality of your project quite like the contrast between stunning visuals and boring text. But that doesn’t mean we should exclude text altogether. Instead, why don’t we upgrade your words to the same level of excellence as the rest […]

Capture the Perfect Clip with YouTube Capture

Ever wanted to give clips a cool YouTube Capture effect…without actually using YouTube Capture? This is what I’m talking about: Simple, unique, effective—that’s how all Final Cut Pro plugins should operate. Why YouTube Capture? The YouTube Capture app was released by Google to let users quickly and easily capture and edit videos on the go, […]

57 More Reasons to Smile with Emoji Pop for Final Cut Pro

Want to add fun, animated emoticons to your video project? Does that also sound like a lot of work? If you answered yes to both questions, then I’ve got a final cut pro plugin for you! Emoji Pop adds energy to your videos without actually using your own energy—adding animated emoticons really couldn’t be easier […]