How To Remove Echo In Final Cut Pro

Hello-oh-oh-oh-oh-ooooooooo (cavernous sound), Raisin Haters!  Today’s blog talks about one of the peskiest issues of audio editing: echo. A sound that repeats because of reflection or reverberation is called an echo and is from the Greek word, ekho, meaning “sound.” Echo and other sound-related concerns are bad for business because your audience will turn away […]

How To Change Video Dimensions In Final Cut Pro

What’s the first major rule for posting videos online besides ensuring there’s a cat in it?? It’s making sure your videos are properly and perfectly formatted so your audience can watch comfortably while enjoying your videos. Yes, for their maximum viewing pleasure! Sticking to required video formats and keeping up-to-date with specific video dimensions for […]

How To Make Glitch Effects In Final Cut Pro

Glitching is the process of using digital or analog malfunctions and distortions for aesthetic purposes in your videos. Adding glitch effects is one of the most exciting ways to add high-voltage intensity and crazy vibrancy to sports, music, and action-packed or suspenseful videos. They come across as unexpected digital errors that give videos a cool […]

Event Pop Help

Maximize the “pull” potential of your event videos with Event Pop! Event Pop is a pack of 21 all-in-one event templates for Final Cut Pro.  With Event Pop, you’ll quickly make professional event videos and social media posts that emphasize your event details, help sell tickets, leave a memorable impression and tempt people to attend.  […]

Form Pop Help

Form Pop for Final Cut Pro is a pack of 23 animated and editable mockups of browsers, search engines, social media sites, email and top websites for your videos.  Form Pop also comes with animated cursor templates that move, point and click! General Workflow Here’s your game plan for using Form Pop. Trust me, it’s […]

Track Pop Help

It’s a tracking powerhouse when Final Cut Pro’s motion-tracker meets Track Pop! Together, they’re the perfect tracking tool for anything in your videos. Track Pop is a pack of 20 motion-trackable templates that work with Final Cut Pro’s built-in tracker. Its high level of animation and modern and simple styles make tracking pure bliss and […]

Meet Dan Veaner a.k.a. Harp Like A Man

Our Video Producer, Dustin, discovered Dan Veaner’s YouTube channel and raved at the full range of talents on display. Dustin said, “Check out one of our customers. I don’t think he used our products for this video but it’s too awesome not to share! He is quite prolific!” Dan taught himself to play the Celtic […]

Help Pop Help

Help Pop is the ultimate plugin toolkit for Final Cut Pro! With 38 handy titles and effects, you can effortlessly snap, move, rotate, and resize with layout tools, add eye-catching motion blurs, and create dynamic movements like shakes, flickers, and fades. Plus, jazz up your videos with 3D animations, funny bulges, and stylish templates—all in […]

Stamp Pop Help

Stamp Pop is the ultimate pack of animated rubber stamps for Final Cut Pro, offering 15 charming titles that bring classic stamp-on-paper vibes to your videos.  Whether you’re adventuring, presenting, or celebrating victories, Stamp Pop has something for everyone, with easy customization options to match your vision and add personality to your creations.  Let your […]

Music Pop Help

Meet Music Pop, your go-to music video toolbox for Final Cut Pro. Packed with 8 titles and 5 transitions, it’s a breeze to add modern vibes or karaoke-style displays. With effects like handheld camera and ‘Flash’ transitions, customize stress-free—just drag, drop, and let your creativity shine across genres! General Workflow Here’s your simple roadmap for […]

Layer Pop Help

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Text Wrap Help

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Jumpstart Pop Help

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Data Pop Free Help

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Movie Pop Help

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Template Pop Help

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Glass Pop Help

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