UPDATE: New animated and energetic text presets

Title Pop is the perfect plugin from Stupid Raisins for custom, outstanding and unique animated text presets! First, what’s this update about? Well, Title Pop expands from 78 animated text templates to 100 unique, quick drag-and-drop text presets and 3 bonus backgrounds. There are 8 style categories and each template is fully customizable and designed […]

Chorus Pop For Choirs, Bands, and Orchestras Is Here!

Chorus Pop for choirs, bands and orchestras is the latest sing-your-heart-out plugin from Stupid Raisins! First, a few lyrical words about this hands down, best-looking, best-built, best-priced and latest plugin for Final Cut Pro. Chorus Pop for choirs, bands, and orchestras is sure to gain a devoted following in the music community who love creating […]

Chorus Pop Help

Created exclusively for use in Final Cut Pro, Chorus Pop is animated video walls for creating virtual music videos for choirs, bands and orchestras.  Chorus Pop comes with 26 templates, 9 special templates and up to 49 universal multi-screens. All these make it easy to create virtual music videos. All Chorus Pop templates automatically adjust […]

Backdrop Pop Is Here!

Backdrop Pop for great-looking backgrounds is the latest fun plugin from Stupid Raisins! First, a bit about this hands down, best-looking, best-built, best-priced and latest plugin for Final Cut Pro. Backdrop Pop’s 45 animated backgrounds are the result of months and over 500 hours of planning and creating. I and my team have done the […]

Backdrop Pop Help

Here’s your chance for a cool change, a breakthrough, a change in scenery: 45 changes to be exact! Backdrop Pop is 45 custom animated backgrounds for Final Cut Pro! General Workflow Here’s your game plan for using Backdrop Pop. Trust me, it’s really easy! Drag and drop your Backdrop Pop template onto your timeline. Customize […]

Me Pop Help

Me Pop is the custom, emoji maker for Final Cut Pro. It’s Memojis for your videos. With Me Pop, you can create custom versions of yourself, your loved ones, and your friends in emoji form. It comes with 100’s of selections, 7 different animations, 10 different emotions, speech and thought bubbles, and 3 bonus backgrounds. […]

Loop Pop Help

Wow your audiences with unique and unreal repeating kinetic type graphics made exclusively for Final Cut Pro X! Loop Pop is 33 seamless loop posters, 3 bonus backgrounds, fully customizable, and designed to fit regular, square, and vertical videos! Great for increasing likes, followers, subscribers, and shares to your social media and videos. Download the […]

Black Friday 2020 Sale

Our Black Friday Sale begins today until November 30, 2020! 20% OFF everything on our website! Are all Stupid Raisins plugins really on sale? You know it! 7-DAY SALE!? Yesh. Now treat yo’self! Get all the plug-ins you’ve always wanted to score! Off you go, kids! Happy shopping, er, editing! Dylan

Fight Pop Help

You ready to take your fighting videos to the next level, brother???Introducing: Fight Pop. Final Cut Pro’s MMA Boxing-style graphics package.With Fight Pop, you can create PvP-style intro graphics to preface any fight and highlight your fighters. Wrestling, boxing, MMA, your parents vs. Stacie’s new boyfriend, any situation where fighting is about to go DOWN.It […]

Collage Pop Help

Collage dropout? Well, no more, my friends. Collage Pop is the easiest and smoothest way to add photo mosaics and collages to your videos. With Collage Pop, you can create flawless photomosaics and picture reveals. Why reveal a picture or video as a boring slide when you can reveal it with HUNDREDS OF SMALLER PICTURES […]