News Pop Help

Make your stories, interviews, hard news and soft news stand out in a crowd.  It’s all the good news, without the bad news in News Pop’s 25 professionally designed and animated news broadcast templates. General Workflow Here’s your game plan for using News Pop. Trust me, it’s really easy! Drag-and-drop your template onto your timeline. […]

25 Easy-Does-It No Keyframe Animated Lines

Create spectacular animated lines without hours of keyframing! Line Pop is a pack of 25 motion-trackable, fully-customizable and easy-to-use line tools. You’ll love Line Pop’s different and flexible ways to measure, show or outline anything in your videos.    With Line Pop, you’ll reveal hard-to-miss instructions and information. Line Pop’s visually-appealing lines solve dead spaces. Editing […]

UPDATE: Over 1,000 Hand-Drawn Sketches For Whiteboard Video Perfection

Create killer whiteboard videos that get noticed with our Story Pop update! We added 338 professionally-designed, animated and customizable hand-drawn sketches in Story Pop. From 688 doodles, Story Pop now has 1,026 drawings plus 3 bonus backgrounds and 1 erase transition. It’s also got 5 different, authentic human hands and arms to draw your story […]

27 Bullets To Make Your Bullet Lists Bulletproof

60 seconds is all you need to create short and to-the-point bulleted lists that people actually want to read. Bullet Pop is a pack of 27 animated, fully-customizable and easy-to-use tools for making bullet lists in Final Cut Pro. Hit each important message or bit of information dead-center with Bullet Pop’s perfect timing control. Your […]

Bullet Pop Help

Create short and to-the-point bulleted lists that people actually want to read with Bullet Pop’s 27 animated bullet points. With Bullet Pop, you’ll make the most impactful Final Cut bulleted lists in just 60 seconds! General Workflow Here’s your game plan for using Bullet Pop. Trust me, it’s really easy! Drag-and-drop. Customize. All done! How […]

Line Pop Help

Create enticing lines without hours of keyframing with Line Pop’s 25 animated lines.  With Line Pop, you’ll create versatile and flexible ways to measure, show or outline anything in your videos. General Workflow Here’s your game plan for using Line Pop. Trust me, it’s really easy! Choose your unique line style and drop it onto […]

90 Whimsical And Unique Animated Presets To Move Your Videos

New plugin is complete!  It’s time for you to be part of something so dope, so moving that I’m just bouncing with excitement! Meet Motion Pop. It’s 90 whimsical, customizable and unique Final Cut Pro motion presets to add crazy-fun action to your videos.  If you already have a motion graphics plugin and it’s boring […]

Motion Pop Help

Add whimsical, customizable, unique, and fun Final Cut Pro motions with Motion Pop’s 90 presets.  With Motion Pop, you’ll create worlds of fun that’ll have you bobbing your head as you edit with sheer delight! Motion Pop’s animation action enriches your videos, has your audience following every move on the screen, and does the job […]

UPDATE: 15 More Attention-Grabbing Callouts

Draw more eyeballs and clicks with our Callout Pop update! We’ve added 15 professionally designed, animated and motion-trackable templates specifically for accurately pointing out and calling attention to important must-see parts of your videos for a total of 75 templates! With 75 templates you’ll do even more to effectively get attention and eyeballs where you […]

Edit Less, Travel More With Travel Pop

Savor every second of your journey and let your audience feel the same amazing rush you feel when traveling with Travel Pop! Travel Pop is 25 unique travel-inspired templates for Final Cut Pro. It’s a suitcase full of Final Cut Pro journey-themed titles, scenes, transitions, icons, overlays and lower thirds. Unpack this plugin and see […]