Filmic Pop Help

Make film titles the way Hollywood makes ‘em with Filmic Pop! Filmic Pop is 20 cinematic film titles for Final Cut Pro that evoke the feeling and emotions of epic and cinematic films. Filmic Pop lets even the newest Final Cut Pro user create star-studded titles to match the vibe of their films.  General Workflow […]

How to Add a Watermark in Final Cut Pro

A watermark is an identifying overlay of a brand’s logo or a text to prevent copyright infringement. In short, it prevents anyone from ripping off taglines, logos, images and videos. It’s essential to protect your intellectual property by using watermarks in your videos. Reggie, our YouTube guy, shows three methods on how to add watermarks […]

What is a Generator in Final Cut Pro

Generators are video and graphic elements built into Final Cut Pro.  Generators can be used full screen or scaled for frame sizes like standard definition up to 4K.  Our YouTube guy Reggie shows you 5 generators and how they are used in Final Cut Pro.  360°  360° generator is used in 360° projects to avoid […]

How to Resize Videos in Final Cut Pro

Resizing vertical videos to horizontal videos and vice-versa are needed to meet the requirements of social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other digital platforms. Original video footage needs resizing because often, what you have won’t do for the dimensions needed for your online posts and shares. Our YouTube guy, […]

How to Put Markers in Final Cut Pro

You want impressive and eye-catching Final Cut videos for your YouTube channel or any web-based platform of your choice. Accomplishing these means filming tons of footage that may or may not make it to your final cut. This also requires hours of work in post.  There’s a way to make your workflow short, efficient and […]

Blockbuster Pop Help

Open your movies with Blockbuster Pop’s spine-tingling, epic, magical and action-packed titles! Blockbuster Pop is a set of 20 animated lookalike movie titles for Final Cut Pro from the golden age of cinema to today’s mega hits. With Blockbuster Pop, you’ll make high-budget titles with low-budget money. General Workflow Here’s your game plan for using […]

Hype Pop Help

Reach a whole nother level of excitement with Hype Pop; energetic, popping and jumping titles that rival the excitement of July 4th. Hype Pop is 25 high-energy, all-in-one titles with built in animated backgrounds providing the perfect “pump it” mood and high drama in your FCP videos. With Hype Pop, it’s easy to make “the […]

Geek Pop Help

Crush your tech review videos and leave your viewers shookt with Geek Pop! Geek Pop is a set of 25 tech review titles for Final Cut Pro to complement your tech presentation skills. You’ll make sophisticated tech videos with Geek Pop’s complete pack of titles, openers, callouts, lower thirds, endscreens and call-to-actions,  General Workflow Here’s […]

Vlog Pop Help

Vlog more, edit less! Vlog Pop is 23 vlogging tools for Final Cut Pro; perfect for engaging vlogs that pull people in. It’s your all-in-one unique set of tools for making high-quality, polished vlogs. Vlog Pop lets even the newest Final Cut Pro user create vlogs that look fresh as the day they were made! […]

Meet Dan Veaner a.k.a. Harp Like A Man

Our Video Producer, Dustin, discovered Dan Veaner’s YouTube channel and raved at the full range of talents on display. Dustin said, “Check out one of our customers. I don’t think he used our products for this video but it’s too awesome not to share! He is quite prolific!” Dan taught himself to play the Celtic […]