Capitalize on Awesome Animated Fonts with Alpha Pop

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Turns out, creating custom animated fonts in FCPX is a lot harder than it looks. Well, it used to be before plugins like Alpha Pop.

Gone are the days when you needed to hire a freelancer to create great animated text and numbers for your projects. Alpha Pop is a fcpx titles plugin that delivers 36 killer titles in 3 awesome styles to make your video stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Want to see animated font in action? Check out the video below to see how one simple plugin can make a world of difference in your project:

What is Alpha Pop?

Early on in my career, I discovered that making animated letters, numbers and punctuation marks in Final Cut Pro was not for the faint of heart. It can be done, but it’s a fairly complicated process that eats up a big chunk of time.

Rather than forcing everyone to go through the learning curve I went through, I decided to make a plugin that simplifies and streamlines the process.

Unlike other titles in FCP, animated fonts are made with masks, lines, shapes and other effects. You couldn’t just double click a text box—everything you see in Alpha Pop was customized by hand to look and feel just right.

If that sounds complicated, don’t worry. I did the tinkering and guesswork for you! Making words and phrases with Alpha Pop is a breeze. Finally, professional-grade motion graphics are available for projects of all sizes!

Just take a look at how animated text can make narration and standup routines pop like never before:

Why Alpha Pop?

My reasons for developing Alpha Pop were very simple, and the plugin is designed to solve three key problems:

  1. Save you the hefty time commitment of learning how to create animated text yourself, and save your bank account from hiring someone else to do it for you
  2. Provide a professional, eye-popping look with incredible animated letters, numbers and punctuation marks
  3. Prevent you from tearing your hair out trying to use more complicated ‘solutions’

Alpha Pop is simply one of the best, fastest and easiest ways to pull off animated fonts in your FCPX projects. Plus, it’s highly customizable, meaning you’re free to add your own unique flair wherever you see fit.

And speaking of unique flair…

Installing and using Alpha Pop—as easy as ABC

Alpha Pop is distributed through FxFactory. Right after installing FxFactory (trust me, it’s easy), you’ll be able to play around with a free demo of Alpha Pop.

If you decide to buy the full version later, you can do so directly from Final Cut Pro X.

Look for Alpha Pop under your Titles with the category name ‘Alpha Pop.’ To get started making your words POP, just drag and drop the Title directly into the project timeline. It’s really that simple!

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