Create Awesome Whiteboard Drawings in No Time Flat with Story Pop

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Have you ever seen one of those whiteboard explainer videos and wondered how it was made?

No, they weren’t painstakingly hand-drawn over the course of several months—they were probably made with plugins for final cut pro x like Story Pop!

Just take a look at Apple’s tale of farmers, yaks and solar panels…it’ll make sense in a minute.

What is Story Pop?

Story pop is an awesome Final Cut Pro X plugin that specializes in making just about any story bigger, better, and more interesting.

In total, Story Pop boasts nearly 700 customizable whiteboard-style drawings and animations—using 45 templates—just for Final Cut Pro. Watch your story unfold with incredible, authentic-looking whiteboard sketches built for HD’s 16:9 aspect ratio.

With hundreds of drawings of animals, symbols, objects, people (and many more), you’ll be able to bring your story to life in no time flat. Size, color, style, location…they’re all in your control as you slide, draw, fade and pop to your heart’s content.

If Story Pop’s built-in drawings and templates aren’t enough, feel free to add your own custom text and creations to dream up whatever powerful whiteboard video you can dream of.

Whether your reach is international like Apple’s or local like many of my customers, Story Pop gives you the tools you need to become a master storyteller.

Deep Customization Options

Story Pop has more options than you can shake a marker at. More options = more amazing videos. Behold…

Drawing Templates
Each of our heroes is fully animated with tons of emotions—confused, angry, happy, sad, holding happy, holding sad, normal, thinking happy, thinking sad, and winning. (Winning is the one you’re going to be feeling a lot after using this plugin.)

We’ve also got tons of other templates like animals, arrows, symbols and more!

Drawing Hands
Add a drawing hand to your video to give your drawings a little homemade charm. It’s super easy to choose a hand that fits your video like a glove with Story Pop’s five built-in drawing hands.

Custom Drawings
Don’t like any of our 700-some drawings? Add your own!

Custom Words and Text
Story Pop allows you to easily add your own custom words and text, giving your video a totally unique voice and feel.

How does it work?

How does it work, you say? It couldn’t be easier!

  1. Drag and drop your drawing onto your video’s timeline
  2. Custom your drawing’s style with simple controls
  3. Add in sound to your video

Yes, three steps. That’s a lot easier than getting a degree in Marker Art, huh?

Even though Story Pop is so simple, it’s also incredibly powerful. You can literally make your entire video using Story Pop, keeping it clean, powerful and professional-looking.

Easy to install. Easy to use.

I distribute Story Pop using FxFactory, making installation just about effortless. Once you’ve installed FxFactory, you’ll get to play around with your demo before buying (securely) from Final Cut Pro X.

Download FxFactory, install it, download the free Story Pop demo, restart your Final Cut Pro and BOOM! There’s your Story Pop, ready to go.

Find Story Pop under Titles, category Stupid Raisins Story Pop. After that, just drag and drop the title right into your project timeline and you’re ready to rock and roll.

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