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Story Pop’s got 1,026 hand-drawn sketches perfect for your next whiteboard video. With Story Pop, you’ve got a thousand ways to tell every story, teach lessons and explain complex subjects with drawings of people, countries, buildings, gadgets, sports, animals, jobs, food and so much more. With this many choices, your stories never get old.

Custom Images

Watch this video to learn how to use your own drawings or images in Story Pop.

Custom Text

Watch this video to learn how to create custom text. Write your own words and sentences!

Custom Words with Story Pop Letters

Watch this video to learn how to create words and sentences with the built in letters.

Common Template Controls


Use the Drawing (Emotion for People templates) pop-up menus to select the different drawings or emotions for your characters.


You can select four different animation styles or no animation at all.

  • Draw – A hand comes on screen and sketches the drawing with a marker.
  • Slide – A hand slides the drawing on screen.
  • Fade – The drawing fades on.
  • Pop – The drawing pops on screen.

Border On/Off

Use this checkbox to add a border to your drawing.

Global Size

Use this slider to change the size of the drawing and hand.

Hand Size

After adjusting the Global Size you may need to change the hand size independently. Use this slider to adjust only the hand size.

Fade In Time

Use this slider to change the drawing fade in time. First, select Fade from the Animation pop-up menu first.

Color Amount

Use this slider to add color to the drawing.

Color 1 and 2

Use these color wells to select different colors for your drawing. Color Amount slider must be larger than 0% in order for these to work.

Drop Shadow Color

Use this color well to change the drop shadow color.

Drop Shadow Opacity

Use this slider to change the drop shadow opacity.

Drop Shadow Blur

Use this slider to blur or sharpen the drop shadow.

Drop Shadow Distance

Use this slider to change the drop shadow distance.

Drop Shadow Angle

Use this slider to change the drop shadow angle.

Template Specific Controls


Use the fill pop-up menu to change the arrow style from outlined to filled.

Shapes and Speech Bubbles

Shapes and Speech Bubbles templates have text and drop zones built in.

Text On/Off

Use this checkbox to turn text on and off. Use the Text tab in the inspector to make changes to the text. To change the text position, hover over the text then click and drag.

Drop Zone On/Off

Use this checkbox to turn a drop zone that fills the shape on and off.

Drop Zone Source Well

Click on this source well to put a clip in the drop zone. You can use images or video.

Drop Zone Size

Use this slider to change the drop zone size.

Drop Zone Zoom

Use this slider to zoom in and out of the drop zone.

Drop Zone Pan

Use these coordinates to pan on the drop zone.

Drop Zone Position

Use these coordinates to move the drop zone.

What sound effects did you use?

Rotate, Transform, Distort

If you want to rotate, transform or distort, use the Video tab in the inspector.

Custom Background

You can use a custom background by putting the title over a clip in your timeline.

Best Practices

Delete old title; don’t replace titles. When you double click on a title to replace the current title it inherits a lot of the attributes (text fields, etc…) of the previous title.

Try adding titles cleanly by deleting the old one and drag and dropping the new one or double clicking the new one.

Templates and Drawings List

Here’s a complete list of the templates and what drawings are in them.

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