100 Final Cut Pro X Animated Icons

Add a fresh look to your next video with animated icons!

Icon Pop is a quick and fun way to spice up commercials, business videos, wedding films or any video project with fresh animated icons. With 12 categories to choose from and 100 animated icons, you can create a professional look for any video type.

Each icon is fully customizable. You can change the size, rotation, position, color, thickness and animation presets. The icons are vector based so you can make them HUGE or tiny without losing resolution.

Use these icons to add energy to your next video production. Quickly add a uniquely animated icon that will impress your clients, boss, friends and family.

If you were to create an animated icon on your own, it would take about an hour. With Icon Pop, you’ll have access to 100 unique icons and it will only take a couple minutes!

The polished look of the animations will make your clients think you hired a professional motion graphics artist. Don’t worry, we’ll keep that our little secret.Winking Emoji

An Icon for any project.

Icon Pop has 100 customizable icons in 12 templates. Use the animated business icons to promote your client’s business. Use the tech influenced icons to add current flare to your next video project.. No matter what your story is, Icon Pop’s got an icon ready for you.

Icon Pop Icons

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Social Proof

Each template has several icons built in. Check ’em out.








Photo & Video





Use icons in your next video

Use Icon Pop to spice up business promotional videos. Animated icons are perfect for business or corporate videos.

Business Example

Promote your business.

Sometimes live footage needs energy or accents to draw the viewer in. Icon Pop’s animated icons will help you tell your story with more power.
Wedding Example

Spice up your wedding film.

All of Icon Pop’s symbols are perfect for all professional applications including broadcast. The icons are vector based so you can change the size without any resolution loss! Use Icon Pop to bring life to any project.
Product Example

Use animated icons to promote your product.

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Easy to install. Easy to use.

Icon Pop is distributed through the free FxFactory engine. After you’ve installed FxFactory you’ll have a demo to play with and you can buy securely from Final Cut Pro X.

Just download and install FxFactory, restart Final Cut and you’ll have Icon Pop at your fingertips.

You can find Icon Pop under Titles and category name Stupid Raisins Icon Pop. To use Icon Pop just drag and drop the Title into your project timeline.

Icon Pop in Browser

Icon Pop in Browser


Icon Pop Tutorial

Plug and play or customize. It’s up to you!

If you’re in a hurry just drag and drop Icon Pop onto your timeline, choose your symbol and you’re good to go. If you want a custom look just use the simple controls to tweak. Check out Icon Pop’s help page for more information.

Icon Pop Controls

Icon Pop Controls


What’s included?

  • 100 Animated Icons in 12 Templates
  • Amazing support. I respond quickly!
  • Help documents

With a 30-day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose!