Introducing Quote Pop

32 animated quotes for Final Cut Pro X

Exclusively for Final Cut Pro

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*The footage used in the video comes from FILMPAC. The music is from Scott & Brendo. Thanks guys!

What's Quote Pop?

Created exclusively for use in Final Cut Pro X, Quote Pop is a customizable graphics tool that makes adding quotes and words to your videos and social media posts easier than ever.

Quote Pop is the perfect tool for everyone looking for a simple solution to adding thought-provoking text, song lyrics, or any other type of message into their videos or promotional materials.

Quote Pop is a pack of 32 title templates and is designed for 4K UHD and HD videos and lets you title your videos in simple seconds!

What Can I Do with Quote Pop?

Quote Pop creates a full-fledged professional quality video with just a few clicks. You can use Quote Pop to inspire people, highlight interviews, add deeper meaning to your graphics, increase the performance of your social media posts, impress your competition, and wow your audiences.

Most of all, Quote Pop will provide you with the easy to use graphic text solution that will save your business both time and money.

Is Quote Pop Easily Customizable?

Yes! It certainly is!

Quote Pop comes with 32 attractive, easy to use templates that bring your text to life through a wide variety of colors and fonts. You can also choose from simple, modern, or vintage themes to create a cohesive feel among your business and digital materials.

Once you have picked the quote, template, theme, fonts, and colors for your video, you can easily move, scale, and rotate them on screen in Final Cut Pro X to create pure quote perfection.

Does Quote Pop Have a Free Demo?

You bet it does! You can try out all 32 of Quote Pop's easily customizable templates as well as the other features. The free demo does have a watermark but still allows you to experience full effects of Quote Pop free of cost.

And don’t worry! If you’re playing around with one of the titles and you decide to buy later, FxFactory will automatically remove all of those watermarks, which means you won’t lose any work!

Try it FreeUser Guide$59

Easy to install. Easy to use.

Once you have tested out Quote Pop in FxFactory with the Free Demo, you can buy the full version in Final Cut Pro X. Just like that you will have the tools you need to incorporate beautiful, impactful quotes into your videos.

Once installed, you will be able to find Quote Pop under “Titles” in your browser. From there you will be able to access all of the tools you need to up the quality of your video products by adding stylish quotes with the touch of a button.

Simply drag and drop the quote template you want to use into your video in Final Cut Pro X. Then customize the template by adding your desired quote, brand colors, and specific fonts. Finally, use simple controls to adjust the size, rotation, and movement of your text.

The final product: words with motion and emotion to add the touch of style your video needs.

Try it FreeUser Guide$59

Quote Pop User Guide

Buy Quote Pop Today

When you purchase Quote Pop in Final Cut Pro X you will receive 2 FREE BONUS templates and a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee! You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Get Quote Pop today!

Try it FreeUser Guide$59
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