Time Pop Help

Time Pop is a bundle of 28 professionally designed animated timers for Final Cut Pro, perfect for fitness, cooking and sports videos. Use Time Pop to quickly show how much time is left in an exercise, how long to cook a roast or how long until the special pricing ends on your product. Time Pop […]

Set Your Sights on Binocular and Scope for FCPX

Have you ever seen that cool binocular effect in a video and wondered how the editor managed to pull it off? Check out this clip from the movie Ronin to see what I’m talking about: From binoculars to periscopes to high-powered night vision sniper rifle scopes, adding a sleek scope effect to your video is […]

Amp Up Your Projects with Free Fade In Fade Out Transitions

Fade in, fade out…this is one of those plugins that does exactly what it says on the box. For free. This plugin is one of my many free fcp transitions here on Stupid Raisins. Fading in and out was one of the first transition effects ever used in filmmaking, and it’s just as effective today […]

Make Breathtaking Wedding Videos (and More) with Love Pop

Getting hitched or know someone who is? Get ready to make the most memorable day of your life even more memorable-er with Love Pop! If Cupid made wedding videos, he would use Love Pop—because the bride and groom deserve a video that looks as good as they do! In short, this plugin contains 25 animated […]

Capitalize on Awesome Animated Fonts with Alpha Pop

Turns out, creating custom animated fonts in FCPX is a lot harder than it looks. Well, it used to be before plugins like Alpha Pop. Gone are the days when you needed to hire a freelancer to create great animated text and numbers for your projects. Alpha Pop is a fcpx titles plugin that delivers […]

Upgrade Your Project with Incredible Symbols and Icons Using Symbol Pop

Ready to give your video an iconic look? Let me introduce you to Symbol Pop, one of my go-to final cut pro plugins for adding supercharged animated symbols and icons to my latest projects—made for Final Cut Pro mavericks, by a Final Cut Pro maverick. Symbol Pop is your secret arsenal of nearly 200 animated […]

Make Your Projects Flow with Seamless Transitions from Flow Pop

Without top-notch transitions, your video project will jar viewers right out of their seats, and not in a good way. And forget those cheesy PowerPoint-style transitions, it isn’t 2003 anymore. The people watching your videos deserve better, and that’s exactly what we’re gonna give them with Flow Pop. I created Flow Pop because I was […]

Create Professional Charts and Graphics Lightning Quick with Data Pop

Who says data has to be boring? Transform those stats into aesthetic, gripping visuals with Data Pop and fall in love with numbers like you wouldn’t believe. Check out how Qualtrics made data look rad in the video below: What is Data Pop? Studies have shown that, when consumed, raw data can cause confusion, drowsiness […]

Create Awesome Whiteboard Drawings in No Time Flat with Story Pop

Have you ever seen one of those whiteboard explainer videos and wondered how it was made? No, they weren’t painstakingly hand-drawn over the course of several months—they were probably made with plugins for final cut pro x like Story Pop! Just take a look at Etiqa’s tale of a traveler, injections and riots…it’ll make sense […]

Make Awesome Animated Sidebar Logos and Templates with Side Pop

Would you rather not spend time creating custom sidebars for your videos from scratch? You’re in good company—that was exactly my line of thinking when I made Side Pop. Take a look at the video below by TechCrunch to see just how awesome sidebar content can look. Then, read on to find out how totally […]