Become the View Master with Slide Pop

As technology has steadily marched us forward from the days grainy black-and-white video to pocket-sized 4K capabilities, some nostalgic souls have sought out ways to recreate those vintage looks with modern technology. If you’re one of those dreamers who still listens to music on an 8-track or plays Pacman on a thousand-pound arcade cabinet, you’re […]

Shape Pop’s Transitions Get Your Video in Tip-Top Shape

So you’ve already got a sweet video with crisp footage, bold captions, awe-inspiring effects…you name it. But something’s missing. Ah, right—clean, seamless transitions that blend perfectly with your video, adding to its appeal without becoming a distraction. That, my friend, is where Shape Pop comes in. Shape Pop is perfect for just about any project, […]

Make a Bold Statement with Title Pop

There’s nothing worse than ruining a spectacular video with flat, boring titles. With titles so ubiquitous across many different types of videos, coming up with unique and professional-looking titles in each of your projects can be time-consuming and frustrating. At least, it was before Title Pop. If you still don’t think quality titles are the […]

Rotating Tile Transitions Made Easy with Tile Pop

Tile Pop—just one of those simple fcpx plugins that does exactly what it says in the name. No frills, no gimmicks, no cost…that’s right. Tile Pop is totally free. In fact it is one of many free fcpx plugins you can find here on Stupid Raisins. Watch this quick video to see Tile Pop in […]

Boost Up Your Videos with Lower Pop

Lower thirds are one of the cleanest and easiest ways to deliver information to your audience. Well, they’re certainly simple. But creating them isn’t always easy. That’s why we all love useful final cut pro plugins to streamline our creative processes. Sprinkling lower thirds throughout your projects gives them a professional look and feel that’s […]

7 Reasons Why FxFactory Rocks

Yes, you heard that right. FxFactory rocks.

You don’t really see people jumping up and down out of excitement for the Apple App Store or Google Play, so why am I so thrilled about FxFactory?

FxFactory (on the surface) might just look like an “app” store for Final Cut Pro X plugins, but it’s so much more than that. In fact, I’d say FxFactory is absolutely essential to my video editing projects, and it’s there where I’ve decided to sell Stupid Raisins.

Filming for a Longmire TV show documentary

Fellow FCPX user and video production guru Dan Wierling wrote to me recently and told me about his experiences filming on the Longmire TV show set for a documentary. His company DGW Video Productions was hired to film actors, producers and others from the Longmire series. I’m a big fan of the show so it […]