Look like Hollywood for only $49 and 7 minutes

Do you have a million things to do as a video editor? Do you need to look professional and save time and money?

My Final Cut Pro X Plugins Can Help!

Stupid Raisins FCPX plugins allow you to quickly add Hollywood level titles, transitions and effects for less than it costs to take a family to the movies. And that doesn't include the yummy, buttery popcorn!

FCPX plugins

You can easily create the following effects:

You can use the add-ons as is or you can customize the effects to get your own unique look that will impress clients, friends and family. These templates are fun, friendly and useful tools that will make your Final Cut Pro X project pop!

All of my plugins include:

  • Customizable Templates - You can change and tweak all titles, transitions and effects to add your personal touch.
  • Small Learning Curve - Stupid Raisins tools are so easy to use that you'll have extra time to bake chocolate chip cookies (no raisins please).
  • Variety - Each plugin comes with a wide selection so you can pick out the effect that's right for you.
  • Amazing Support - Don't wait around for help. I'm lightning fast and usually respond to your questions within an hour.
  • Organized Controls - Get up and running quickly with easily adjustable parameters. No confusion!
  • Plug and Play - If you're in a hurry, just drag and drop the plugin to the timeline and move on to those cookies.
  • Final Cut Pro X Integration - Stay focused on your project because all my effects are built into FCPX and right at your fingertips.
  • Speed - Most plugins render in less than 5 seconds! By the time you take a bite of that cookie, your effect will be ready for smooth playback.

Stupid Raisins FCPX add-ons are perfect for freelance videographers, small business owners, journalists, in-house editors: virtually anyone looking to save time and money while still creating a professional look. Your videos will be enhanced and have that creative edge without sucking up all your time.

Here are what some of my customers are saying:

With results like these, Stupid Raisins Final Cut Pro plugins pay for themselves in one project. It's like hiring a new employee to build your titles, transitions and visual effects without the cost of bringing a full-time, competent employee on board.

You don't need to worry about installation fuss. My plugins install quickly and easily using the FxFactory app. I make tools only for FCPX which means you're getting effects that work perfectly with your editing software.

You can test-drive all my plugins before you buy with a fully-functional trial. If you dig it, you can easily purchase right in Final Cut Pro.

With a 30-day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this something I can incorporate into my work without spending half a day figuring out how to use it?
Yes! All my tools are built specifically for Final Cut Pro X and have highly organized controls. In addition, I have help pages for each plugin and tutorial videos to get you up and running within 7 minutes.

Will it bog down my system?
Nope. Stupid Raisins plugins are faster than a cheetah driving a Ferrari, are optimized to have the smallest footprint and use Final Cut Pro X's plugin structure. They also render in less than 5 seconds.

How many times will I use these plugins?
It depends on what you're creating but many people have reported using the same add-on for several projects because they're extremely customizable.

How expensive is it?
Stupid Raisins plugins start at $49. I've even made a few free FCPX add-ons.

Who the heck makes these plugins? Final Cut Pro X Plugins
I do! My name is Dylan Higginbotham. Creating videos is a blast & I get a big kick out of creating Final Cut Pro X plugins. Fast facts: Dad of five - quick to laugh - love basketball (I can touch the bottom of the net now!)

Find the perfect tool for your project and turn your video into a masterpiece!


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