Lower Pop Help

Lower Pop is 20 Final Cut Pro X lower third titles designed for HD (16:9 aspect ratio). Use the following guide to learn more about Lower Pop.   Required FontsLithos Pro RegularCommon Controls The following are common parameter controls found in most Lower Pop templates. Don’t worry, I worked through lunch to make this easy […]

Title Pop Help

Here’s your chance to quickly highlight important parts of your videos with phenomenal, eye-popping animated text presets! Title Pop is 100 custom animated text presets for Final Cut Pro! General Workflow Here’s your game plan for using Title Pop. Trust me, it’s really easy! Drag and drop your Title Pop template onto your timeline. Customize […]

Shape Pop Help

Shape Pop is a pack of 69 fully customizable shapes and transitions, including 3D shapes like cubes and spheres. It provides extensive options for animations, color, opacity, outlines, text, and drop shadows, allowing for limitless creativity. Use this guide to learn the ins and outs of Shape Pop. General Workflow Here’s the scoop on using […]

Block Pop Help

What is Block Pop? Block Pop is 23 customizable Final Cut Pro X transitions that break the first video into blocks and then transform into the second video. Custom and Presets Differences There are two types of transitions (Custom and Presets). Use Custom transitions to customize block direction, motion and timing. Use Presets for pre-animated […]

Slide Pop Help

What is Slide Pop? Slide Pop is a Final Cut Pro X effects and transitions pack inspired by the sweet vintage View-Masters of our childhood. Original and Modified Differences There are two types of effects and transitions (Original and Modified). They start the same but end differently. You’ll notice the Original ending looks exactly like […]